Compostable Food Containers Wholesale

Compostable Food Containers Wholesale

One of our best-selling products is plant based food box, which is green packaging that can be 100% composted. The sustainable packaging material is bagasse sugarcane. Since these products are not chemically treated, they are suitable for kids and young children.

Our company also provides biodegradable cups bulk, biodegradable bowls, biodegradable serving trays, and so on according to your needs.

Different Types of GREENWEIMO Compostable Food Box

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Why Choose GREENWEIMO Biodegradable Clamshell Containers


You can't recycle food with plastic in it, and you can't recycle plastic with food in it. Our food package bento is disposable, which means food and clamshell packaging waste can be recycled together. We provide the true recycling solution and food service by offering biodegradable takeaway boxes and compostable clamshell packaging.


GREENWEIMO provides both no-compartment and compartment biodegradable clamshell food boxes. Hinged lids boxes are also available in a range of sizes from 450ml to 1000ml. They are great for a huge variety of hot or cold food. As a professional bagasse plates manufacturer, we have many years of manufacturing experience in biodegradable clamshell and other biodegradable food packaging boxes. More requests of package sizes and shapes are welcomed. GREENWEIMO is here waiting for your contact.


It can be refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave and oven. Specially formulated products can be frozen at -104F for 24h and -68F and can be refrigerated for 30 days. It also can be baked at 491F for 45 minutes.


It can be PFAS-free, oil-proof and water-proof as well.

Different Occasions of Compostable Clamshell Containers

Biodegradable Food Box for Dinning Room

When dining in a restaurant, especially with children, it is inevitable to order a few more dishes because we don’t know whether the food in the restaurant is suitable for the children's stomach. Therefore we may be worried about the food packaging. At this time, if the restaurant can provide environmentally friendly, automatically biodegradable and compostable food boxes such as eco-friendly food containers made of sugarcane bagasse, we can be assured of the safety of this kind of food boxes. Because they do not require any treatment, even if you throw them into a place with soil. Soon, the box will biodegrade and return to the earth, so it should be environmentally friendly. When you get this kind compostable food containers like sugarcane bagasse food container, do you also feel that it is a packaging box that can protect the environment? At the same time, they can be safely reheated by the microwave together with food. When we are eating, children will also understand that we humans must cherish the hard-won food, protect the earth, and protect the environment. These actions are of great importance being done by each of us.

Biodegradable Food Box for Dinning Room

Biodegradable Food Box for Fast Food

Eating fast food is an economical and time-saving life style, and sometimes you don’t like to eat with too many strangers, or if you have an emergency, you have to take away the food. The fast food restaurant will give you the already packed disposable food containers, and you can eat with no burden at all. But when you get a plastic packing box, I believe your appetite may be affected by this, because everyone knows that some plastics are toxic and they are chemical products. Therefore, more and more fast food restaurants have begun to use compostable takeaway food packaging and disposable food containers with lids which is made of sugarcane bagasse such as disposable lunch box. biodegradable food containers is really a very good way of operating, and it is also a very socially responsible action.

Biodegradable Food Box for Fast Food

Biodegradable Food Box for Takeout

Now our lives are inseparable from takeaway, especially more and more young people choose takeaway. Young people are the future of this world, so many food delivery companies are also strictly controlled to ensure food safety. A food delivery company consumes thousands of packaging boxes every day. Just imagine the whereabouts of these packaging boxes. Can they be safely disposed of? If you use disposable boxes for food, such as sustainable food packaging made of sugarcane bagasse, you don't need to worry about these problems at all. It does not have any chemical ingredients and is derived from natural sugarcane bagasse fiber, which is as healthy as food. At the same time, it can be composted and returned to the soil on the earth again without any burden on the earth.

Biodegradable Food Box for Takeout

Biodegradable Food Box for Cooked Food and Sliced Fruit in the Supermarket

When you buy cooked food and sliced fruits in the supermarket, you will often see them in plastic packing boxes or paper packing boxes in the past. Now that we all advocate environmental protection, we are now going to say NO to them all. We really don't want to see or hear that too many marine life on our planet die tragically because of accidental eating of plastic. We hope that the ecological balance on the planet will always exist in a healthy way. Therefore, more and more socially responsible supermarkets have begun to use eco friendly food packaging and recyclable food containers made of sugarcane bagasse, because it does not require any human treatment to be biodegradable, and can be composted into plant nutrients. At the same time, it is also the best way to replace paper packaging boxes. Not only is it like paper, it is not harmful to the human body, but it also protects the forests on our planet and the ecological earth on which we depend.

Biodegradable Food Box for Cooked Food and Sliced Fruit in the Supermarket
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