Wholesale Bagasse Food Trays

Wholesale Bagasse Food Trays

Wholesale bagasse food trays of GREENWEIMO are made from bagasse sugarcane. Being one of the biggest biodegradable plate manufacturers, we are proud of our sustainable supply chain. Our bagasse food trays are made in quality controlled conditions from sustainable materials. Minimum waste and maximal transport efficiency give benefit all round. biodegradable meal tray with lid are suitable for hot, wet or oily foods as well as being sturdy and economic.

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Bagasse Food Trays Features

Wholesale bagasse tray of GREENWEIMO is treated with scientific technology, it can be compartment with different size. This kind of  flat sugarcane food containers made from sugarcance bagasse also has the following excellent characteristics:


Material: Sustainable sugarcane bagasse fiber


Feature: Biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly, healthy, safe


It can be refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave and oven. Specially formulated products can be frozen at -104F for 24h and -68F can be refrigerated for 30 days. This kind of biodegradable meal tray with lid can also be baked at 491F for 45 minutes.


It can also be PFAS-Free, oil proof and water proof.

Catalog of Biodegradable Food Tray

Bagasse TraysRectangle Biodegradable Tray259x130x13mm
Bagasse Chip Tray269x136x29mm
Bagasse Food Trays170x115x25mm
Bagasse Meal Tray176x132x30mm
Bagasse Sushi Tray220x135x30mm
Bagasse Tray258x112x26.5mm
Sugarcane Bagasse Tray274x149x18.5mm
Wholesale Bagasse Trays231x297x31mm
Bagasse Chip Tray Greeweimo153x153x24mm
Bagasse Food Trays Greeweimo200x140x15mm
Bagasse Meal Tray GreeweimoSquare Biodegradable Tray225x165x25mm

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