Biodegradable Hot And Cold Food Containers with Lids

Biodegradable Hot And Cold Food Containers with Lids

You can't compost food with plastic in it, and you can't compost plastic with food on it. Our food package is biodegradable, which means food and packaging waste can be composted together. As a professional eco friendly biodegradable tableware suppliers, we provide the true eco-friendly solutions in food service.

We provide both no-compartment box and compartment box items come in a range of sizes from 500ml to 1000ml, which are suitable for a huge variety of hot and cold foods. Our products include eco friendly burger boxes and eco friendly cereal/sauce/snack containers and so on. If you want to know more information about sizes and shapes, GREENWEIMO is here waiting for your contact.

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Features of Eco Biodegradable Hot And Cold Food Catering Box with Lid

As one of professional bagasse packaging manufacturers in China, GREENWEIMO offers eco friendly food box that is treated with scientific technology. It can be eco clamshell or box and can be compartments with different sizes. It also has the following excellent characteristics:


Material: Sustainable sugarcane bagasse fiber


Features: biodegradable,compostable, eco-friendly, healthy, safe


It is a type of biodegradable food box and can be refrigerated in the refrigerator, or heated in the microwave and oven. Specially formulated products can be frozen at -104F for 24h and -68F can be refrigerated for 30 days. It can be baked at 491F for 45 minutes.


It can also be PFAS-Free, oil proof and water proof.

Catalog of Eco Biodegradable Food Container with Lid


Eco Friendly Food Containers

Clamshell1 compartment6", 8", 9", 9"x6", 6.5"x5", 9"x6", 450ml, 600ml,232x232x80mm
Eco Friendly Food Storage2 compartments331x225x55mm,330x269x44mm

Eco Friendly Meal Prep Containers

3 compartments8", 9", 10"
Eco Friendly Storage ContainersBiodegradable Food Box With LidsRectangle201x131x30mm, 201x131x40mm, 201x131x45mm
201x131x55mm, 201x131x65mm
172x117x45mm, 172x117x58mm (500ml,650ml, 750ml, 850ml, 1000ml)
Eco Friendly Takeaway Food ContainersOval 1 compartment500ml, 700ml, 800ml, 850ml, 900ml, 1000ml
Eco Friendly Takeout ContainersOval 2 compartments700ml, 800ml, 850ml, 1000ml

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