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Pros And Cons of Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-14
Today different kinds of materials both natural and synthetic are used for packaging cosmetic products; these primarily include paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, wood, and bamboo. However, of these packaging materials the most extensively used is plastic. What makes plastic packaging so popular in the cosmetic industry? Let us explore the reasons behind its growing popularity by examining the pros and cons of plastic cosmetic packaging. Plastic cosmetic packaging has undergone vast changes, which are evident if we compare the plastic packaging of the past with that of the present. Apart from color and design, packaging and sealing methods are the other obvious changes. However, the most notable difference is that today bio-degradable plastics are used extensively in cosmetic packaging. Pros of Plastic Cosmetic Packaging Today plastic is the unanimous choice for cosmetic packaging for both cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetic packaging manufacturers. And the reason behind this is its many benefits when compared to other packaging materials. The following are some of the advantages of using plastic for cosmetic packaging. Cons of Plastic Cosmetic Packaging An important factor that overshadows all of the positive attributes of plastic is the issue of eco-friendliness. And with large scale environmental pollution making life on earth more challenging today, the use of materials that are not nature-friendly is definitely not good for our planet. Let us see what the disadvantages of using plastic as a packaging material are and how it fairs when it comes to the issue of environmental degradation. Though all its positive attributes make plastic the most suitable material for cosmetic packaging, it loses the race to the issue of eco-friendliness. Compared to the plastics of the past, the recyclable and bio-degradable plastics used today are much better but still not good enough to contain the plastic menace. The reason for this is that of the different kinds of plastics used today, including PETE, HDPE, PS, PVC, LDPE, and PP, not all are easy to recycle. In such a scenario, what seems to be an effective approach is recycling coalesced with consumption reduction. But is this the only solution left? No. Today cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetic packaging manufacturers are increasingly using plastic for making containers such as airless pumps, treatment pumps, lotion pumps and foamers, and, considering the benefits of using plastic in cosmetic packaging, they cannot be blamed. At the same time, the impact of plastics on the environment is something that should never be forgotten. In such circumstances, the most effective solution is to use only recyclable resins such as PETE, HDPE, and PS in cosmetic packaging. Such an approach would definitely put an end to the menace of plastic.
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