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Reasons For Making Tableware With Sugar Cane Bagasse


Sugar Cane Bagasse is a very environmentally friendly food residue. In this news, we will talk the thing pack food- the disposable lunch box. Do you know what hese beautiful lunch clamshell with delicious food in the picture is it made of? PP polypropylene? PS polystyrene? Or paper? No guessing any more, In fact, it is made from sugar cane bagasse. Made of sugar cane pulp!


Disposable Lunch Clamshell Need To Be More Environmentally Friendly

Although the plastic limit order has been in place for ten years,and many countries and people want to make environment not be polluted by plastic, but we can still find there are many disposable plastic products. Disadvantages of disposable plastic tableware have been criticized, they are difficult to degrade and not environmentally friendly. Environmentally-friendly materials that can replace plastic to make disposable food package are also constantly being explored.

At present, disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes are the first choice to replace disposable plastic lunch boxes in terms of environmental protection.Disposable environmentally-friendly paper food container made of non-toxic, harmless, clean and pollution-free in compliance with national food-grade health and safety standards and environmental protection regulations, and without added standard materials, are not only safer and healthier in use, but also degradable and more environmentally friendly. But The main raw material of disposable paper meal boxes is pulp, which is mainly derived from wood. With the increasing consumption of wood and the increasing cost of wood pulp, a strange phenomenon has emerged-disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes on the market have not been widely used.

Is There A Material That Is Also Plant Fiber To Replace Wood Pulp?

That is-Sugar cane pulp! Sugar cane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It uses sugar cane bagasse as raw material and is prepared by hydraulic crushing and high-temperature sterilization to a certain concentration. If you are looking for completely compostable plastic, then this sugar cane pulp can be replaced by it, it is a naturally degradable, compostable plant fiber material! Sugar cane bagasse made into sugar cane pulp can save a lot of wood, and meet the national circular economy requirements and environmental protection policies, making a sugarcane sweet from beginning to end!

Why Making Pulp Tableware With Bagasse Is More Scientific Than Burning?

Is burning sugar cane bagasse directly burned as fuel, or extracting plant fiber from bagasse as tableware raw material and converting the remaining organic matter into biomass energy is more beneficial to society and the environment?

No matter from the aspects of energy, resource utilization efficiency, economic value added and ecological protection, bagasse is a better choice for producing pulp tableware. The thermal efficiency of bagasse directly burning is not high, and the production of pulp tableware can not only obtain high-quality food packing, the pith and other organic matter removed from bagasse can be efficiently converted into steam through the alkali recovery reactor, and the steam is used for power generation and then Waste water used for pulping and storage can also be converted into biogas fuel, and the food packaging produced can be finally converted into biomass energy after use. What is different from direct combustion is that, while obtaining pulp tableware and recycling energy, it reduces the consumption of wood raw materials, improves resource utilization efficiency and economic added value of industrial waste. Bagasse can not only be produced into food packaging, but also can be made into packaging for various products, such as short-term flower pots, cosmetic packaging boxes, and electronic products. We are committed to producing and developing new degradable products.


Company Certification

GREENWEIMO, as a degradable environmental protection tableware company, has one-stop services for new product, customization, production, trade, storage, and distribution, which means we can not only produce, but also develop new product! And have more than 10 years of experience in foreign trade, products have passed many certifications.

GREENWEIMO sugar cane pulp tableware is not only environmentally friendly, but also very safe.

Imported anti-oil agent, ultrasonic papermaking, 350 ° C ultraviolet high temperature autoclave sterilization, vacuum operation workshop, mechanical and manual testing to ensure product safety standards and quality of use, can be used in microwave ovens and refrigerators, can resist 100 ℃ The hot water and hot oil at 120 ℃ are safe, non-toxic and harmless.

In Conclusions

GREEWNEIMO is a global supplier of eco-friendly and sustainable biodegradable tableware and supplies. If you want to replace your company's plastic and foam plastic packaging with these environmentally friendly bagasse products, or are interested in our other bagasse products, please contact us for a quote or choose from our sugar cane tableware products.


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