Requirements for Molded Pulp Products of Different Uses

For molded pulp products, good structural design is the basic guarantee for protecting the contents during transportation and improving the shock absorption ability. The designed structural performance will directly affect the strength, stiffness, stability and practicality of the packaging, that is, the structure of molded pulp products directly affects the realization of its packaging function. Depending on their purpose, there are three main types of molded pulp products: molded paper pulp tableware, molded paper pulp egg trays, and molded paper pulp industrial packaging products.

Molded paper pulp for tableware

Molded paper pulp tableware refers to paper-like tableware made from pulp through molding, pressing, drying and other processes, including molded paper pulp cups, bowls, lunch boxes, plates and dishes, etc. This type of product belongs to food contact materials, and raw fiber pulp is used as raw material. Its strength is better than other similar products, and it has high recycling value and degradability. It is regarded as a green, environmentally friendly product. The quality requirements of molded paper pulp tableware include appearance, dimension deviation, capacity deviation, water leakage, temperature resistance, cup body stiffness, load-bearing capacity, compression resistance, box cover folding test, drop test, delivery moisture content, safety requirements, and raw material requirements.

Molded paper pulp for egg trays

Molded paper pulp egg trays have a loose material and a unique egg-shaped curved surface structure, with better ventilation, preservation and excellent buffering and positioning effects. They are suitable for the mass transportation packaging of chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and other poultry eggs. By using molded paper pulp egg trays to package fresh eggs, the egg breakage rate during long-distance transportation can be reduced from 8-10% with traditional packaging to below 2%. The quality requirements of molded paper pulp egg trays include appearance, size specifications, quality deviation, moisture content, water resistance, pressure resistance and brittleness.

Molded paper pulp for industrial packaging

Molded paper pulp industrial packaging products are a new type of packaging material that has developed rapidly in recent years, such as molded pulp products used for packaging electronic products, cosmetics, medical supplies, precision instruments and other industrial products. In order to prevent damages caused by the movement and abrasion of the products inside the packaging, molded pulp products are used for internal buffering and positioning of the packaging. The product size, appearance, and quality requirements of molded pulp products for industrial packaging are extremely high. The quality requirements of molded paper pulp industrial packaging products include appearance, size specifications, quality tolerance, moisture content, water resistance, and pressure resistance.