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retailers are a worried lot

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-27
The government\'s proposal to ban all plastic bags under 100-
Minguo mark has caused anxiety among Mumbai retailers.
The government\'s proposal to ban all plastic bags under 100-
Minguo mark has caused anxiety among Mumbai retailers.
They believe in the ban.
Under the proposal of the V Ranganathan Committee
Could have a serious economic impact on retailers and consumers.
\"At a time when the competition is so fierce, most of us are trying to make a small profit.
\"Any additional cost can be a big step back,\" said Preeti Hiranandani, the promoter and conductor of the Haike supermarket chain . \".
Experts believe that fierce competition in the industry will prevent retailers from passing on this additional economic burden directly to consumers, but this will have an impact on the price of durable consumer goods.
Although the state government is considering the Commission\'s proposals, retail giants such as intersections have already started doing their homework.
They asked the supplier to submit an offer of £ 100
Micron plastic bags and the financial impact of the ban are being determined.
As of now, the intersection is distributed 30-micron bags.
\"We look forward to the use of 50-
Micron plastic bag.
Their proposal, if implemented, could have a significant impact on retailers and consumers, \"said Bipin Gurnani, chief operating officer of pyramid retail.
In order to reduce the consumption and cost of such plastic bags, retailers may consider promoting other options such as cloth bags or paper bags.
\"While we will not consider increasing the cost of sales in the lifestyle segment, we may have to incorporate it into our food industry where these bags are widely used.
Can encourage consumers to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, and encourage them to use environmental protection bags
A friendly alternative, \"said a representative of the city\'s leading retail chain.
Although retailers are not aware of the specifications for bags used in packaged foods, they hope that the state government will not impose a full ban on all plastic bags under 100 microns.
\"I just want them to have exceptions to plastic bags used for packaging food.
\"It\'s actually and financially impossible to wrap everything in thick plastic bags or paper,\" says Laxmi vaidyanghe, owner of Mulund\'s grocery store . \".
\"Although most of us want to encourage environmental protection
Friendly lifestyle, it is very difficult to implement such a move in Mumbai.
\"It might be interesting to see how other countries managed to implement this rule,\" Gurnani said . \".
Several European countries charge consumers for plastic bags, or offer to share the cost of plastic bags based on the final bill amount.
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