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seattle looking to dump throwaway bags

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-27
Seattle people who pay attention know their garbage.
They put compost bins, Yard garbage trucks, separate glass bottles and jars into barrels and put paper, cans and plastic cans into oversized recycling containers.
A city regulation prohibits the placement of recyclable items in garbage.
Residents will be fined for throwing too much glass or paper in the trash can. Low-cost city-
Help homeowners reschedule the route
Rain northwest.
As a result, the latest ecological environment in Seattle has not been hit by any impact.
Friendly proposal by Mayor Greg Nichols and City Council President Richard Conlin.
It will impose 20-
CENTS \"green fee\" for all disposable shopping bags \".
It targets paper bags and plastic bags for grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.
\"The answer to the question\" paper or plastic \"is not: both damage the environment,\" the mayor said in pushing for changes across the city . \".
The measure will also ban foam containers in the food service industry, such as restaurant plates, trays and cups, as well as meat plates and egg boxes in grocery stores.
Nickels said most of the responses to the green fees and bubble bans announced in April 2 were positive. .
\"This has sparked a good debate at grocery stores and blogs,\" the mayor said . \".
People are talking about and asking good questions.
We have a good offer.
\"Seattle experiences 0. 36 billion disposable paper and plastic bags every year,\" says Nickels.
\"We are faced with transforming our culture from conspicuous consumption to conspicuous protection,\" Nickels said . \".
\"Seattle is a great place.
Seattle has long had a strong protection ethic. \"--
He said I expect the proposal to be voted by the City Council in June.
If this measure is adopted, it will take effect on January 2009.
To pay for the administration, retailers keep 5 cents per bag.
The owner\'s total income of less than $1 million per year will retain the full cost.
\"The council is very supportive and I expect it to pass,\" Conlin said . \".
\"There is general public support.
The plastic industry does not like it.
\"In fact, the US chemical Commission intends to lobby against the proposal.
Keith Christman, senior director of packaging at the chemical Commission\'s progressive bags affiliate, said it believes plastic recycling is a better option.
\"We thank the city for its interest in reducing waste,\" Christman said . \".
\"Taxation is not the right thing to do.
Recycling plastic bags is the right thing to do.
\"Research shows that consumers recycle and reuse their plastic bags,\" he said.
He said that when plastic bags are banned, the sale of plastic bags will increase.
\"Once people understand that plastic bags are recyclable and reusable, people do that,\" Christman said . \".
But the trend in many countries is to stay away from plastic bags.
Ireland began taxing them in 2003.
In June 1, free plastic bags were banned in China.
In Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, shoppers must pay for their luggage.
Since March 2007, Swedish household goods store Ikea (Ikea) has charged 5 cents for plastic bags, which will be extracted from all household goods stores in the United StatesS.
Stores in October.
Last year, San Francisco became the first AmericanS.
The city will ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags at large grocery stores and pharmacies.
\"Right in front of us, we see habits getting better and better,\" said Ross milkami, a sponsor of the San Francisco ban.
Mirkarimi believes that moving from plastic bags to reusable plastic bags is a mild local behavior with international influence.
\"Climate change is so serious that people feel paralyzed, but they are eager to do something,\" he said . \".
Instead of waiting for the federal government, the city government can do something. \"Far range-
Mirkarimi has pushed for measures in San Francisco. He said over-
Dependence on oil, lack of pursuit of renewable energy, war between Iraq and the United StatesS.
Refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol has created inspiration for trying to do something locally.
Mirkarimi said: \"There are basically two options for cities in California: recycling plastic bags or banning plastic bags directly.
California lawmakers have passed a state law that explicitly prohibits municipalities from collecting taxes similar to the green fees planned in Seattle.
\"Locally, it\'s about garbage, debris, and these plastic bags take a thousand years to degrade,\" Mirkarimi said . \".
\"Although industry insiders say plastic bags are not recycled.
Only a small part of the recycled bag.
The challenge is not to recycle more, but to reduce reliance on bags.
\"He doesn\'t have to convince his city brothers in Seattle. --
Almost overnight, Mayor Nick came up with a green charge plan.
Started a cottage industry. -
Supply stylish reusable bags.
In one case, the owner of PB & J;
Textile companies in Seattle listened to the mayor\'s advice and immediately put their custom embroidery and garment printing plants into action.
They launched a series of large and sturdy canvas bags with bullet-proof clothes.
Plastic bag information: \"Look, Mom, I just saved 20 cents,\" \"Just say no to plastic\" and \"no tax payment is required \".
Co-said: \"The newly-cast reusable bags displayed in their shop windows have inspired interest and sales
Boss David Robertson
\"We read this and decided to try something,\" Robertson said . \" He admits that he usually forgets to bring canvas bags when he goes shopping.
\"We are used to plastic bags,\" he said . \"
\"It takes time.
Even the mayor admitted that it was difficult for him to remember to bring reusable bags.
But he\'s already started putting them in his car at home.
Despite that, Nickels said, \"We went to the checkout counter about half the time and forgot the bag.
\"It will take a little time and effort to make a change,\" he said . \". \"--stuart.
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