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sf considering ways to curb plastic water bottles

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-09
San Francisco is a city that manages Happy Meal toys and prohibits the use of plastic shopping bags, and its health has a new goal --conscious, eco-
Friendly cross line: plastic.
City officials are considering a regulation requiring owners with new and refurbished buildings with water dispensers to install special bottlesfilling taps.
The law is intended to encourage thirsty people to refill containers instead of going to get another bottle of Evian or Aquafina.
\"This is the appropriate next step to make it easier for San Francisco people to get rid of the bad habits of plastic water bottles that are wasted using the environment and the good habits of using reusable water containers, said David Chiu, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, he introduced the legislation in June. Bottle-
If Chiu\'s measurement pass has been found at San Francisco International Airport and some city parks and schools, then the tap needs to be filled.
They are mounted behind the normal tap of the water dispenser, with fast cooling water --
Enough to hold the flow vertical jet of most water containers.
The advocate said there was a bottle.
Specific faucets encourage reuse of water bottles by eliminating long waits to fill water bottles and eliminating concerns about bacteria.
Some people think that drinking water from fountains exposed to so many people\'s mouths will twist their bodies, although city officials say the fountains are as sanitary as the taps.
Skeptics question whether the regulation is necessary because the proposed faucet is highly consistent --
Public water coming out of other faucets and water dispensers.
Businesses often complain that lawmakers in San Francisco are too fast to impose bans or restrictions that affect their bottom line.
\"If you are in the office, there is a sink in your kitchen, there is a faucet in the sink, and the faucet will put Hetchy (reservoir)
\"Water,\" said Ken clivelan, representative of the San Francisco Association of Construction owners and managers.
\"This is just another new law implemented in San Francisco on the basis of hundreds of other laws, with the aim of enforcing compliance in sustainable practice.
\"Despite initial skepticism, the association is still waiting for more details and then taking a position legally
According to the manufacturer, the faucet of the existing water dispenser costs at least about $750.
For officials at Penn State, the cost is worth it.
After three years of trying, the university is now installing faucets on all campuses, said Lydia Vandenberg, an official who oversees the university\'s reduction in the use of plastic water bottles.
Students are more likely to accept filling bottles with special taps than water dispensers considered dirty.
\"In an era of high hygiene, it is an obstacle for many people,\" Van Denberg said . \".
University officials estimate that the busiest faucets are replacing equivalent to 35,000 plastic bottles per month.
Chiu\'s regulations say plastic bottles are \"harmful to the environment\" and when there is cheap tap water, it is unnecessary to take up landfill space and cause greenhouse gas emissions.
Since 2007, the San Francisco Municipal Department has been banned from buying plastic bottles.
Chiu said he considered other positive measures to contain bottles, including charges and a thorough ban.
The proposed regulations, he said, are less stringent and aim to raise awareness about drinking tap water as an alternative.
Environmental groups support St. Francis\'s efforts to wean themselves from plastic water bottles.
\"Drinking water in San Francisco is the best in the country.
\"It\'s ridiculous that people will go out and spend a very limited amount of money now to buy bottled water,\" said Wu, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Conservation Commission.
Chris Hogan, spokesman for the International Bottled Water Association, said the bottled water industry accounts for only a small proportion of global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
He welcomed efforts to encourage drinking tap water, but said the measures did not require demonizing bottled water.
\"When you come up with an argument to stop people from drinking bottled water, you choose bottled drinks and you cancel the healthiest option,\" Hogan said . \".
Chiu introduced the regulation at the meeting of the Board of Supervisors on June 26.
It is expected that it will be submitted to the competent land use and economic development committee in September and, if passed, to the Board of Supervisors.
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