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Simple And Useful Tips to do Eco Friendly Shopping

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-11
It is a little known fact that using plastic bags are not always the worst choice when it comes to the environment. Most of the people believe that using paper bags is better for the natural environment than plastic bags. This however is not necessarily true in fact using paper bags is worse than using plastic bags. Generally, the paper bag uses four times more energy and produces more air pollutants and 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bags. Bearing this thing in mind, the best ways to do Eco friendly shopping are: i) Always carry your own shopping bags with you that are made from cloth or string. Ideally they need to be durable enough so that you can use them for so many years. ii) Try to buy products in returnable and refillable containers. Some of the products have refill packs so that you only have to buy the main container once. iii) Avoid packages that contain mixed materials as these are very difficult or expensive to recycle. iv) Buy foods and drinks in containers that you know can be easily recycled for example glass bottles, etc. v) If you use a supermarket bag then try to choose the plastic over heavy paper bags. vi) If possible try to use the local shops like butchers and grocers. They will offer you the goods that you need without all the unnecessary packaging. Also ensure that you know what you want before you order. It can be handy to order various items so that you can choose what you like before buying them. Prefer buying loose fruits and vegetables rather than plastic bags or carry a bamboo basket or a cloth bag while going shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Try and pick those which have Eco friendly packaging for example, try to prefer purchasing eggs in the cardboard crate. It is very important for every individual to play his part in conserving the environment and safeguard our earth from the dangerous and hazardous things. You can even go online to know more about the Eco friendly products. Simply by following these simple and effective tips will help you to make sure that you lead your life in an Eco-friendly way.
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