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Six Simple Eco Friendly Tips That You Can Do Right at Home

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-10
Eco Friendly Tip # 1: Get a water bottle and make refilling a habit. If you are the one who loves to sip water or coffee with you wherever you go, then the best contribution that you can make is to stop buying those disposable water bottles, get yourself a mug or a canister where you can put your liquid in. And when that drink is all gone, all you need to do is refill and you are good to go! Aside from that, you will also be surprised at how much money you can save compared to buying a water bottle every time you need a drink. Eco Friendly Tip # 2: Segregate. This may seem like quite an effort at first but segregating can help you and your community manage the waste you make. Segregated waste will generally be divided into biodegradables and non-biodegradables. The non-biodegradables will be sent to a different destination, probably to be reused or recycled. Remember, segregation is a habit that must be formed so be a little patient with people around the house and make them understand why you are doing such a thing. Eco Friendly Tip # 3: Start patronizing recycled products. With increasing environmental awareness, more and more companies are starting to make packages made from recycled materials. New paper or plastic packaging could mean new wastes and the less there are of these kinds of products in the market, the less amount of waste will be created in the process. Eco Friendly Tip # 4: Say 'No' to GMO's. By definition, GMO stands for genetically modified organism. These are basically commercial produce that have been genetically altered to become more sellable to the public But as good as this intention may be, GMO's actually bring more harm to us than benefits. GMO's have the huge threat of altering the natural process of life itself. These grown organisms are not natural in any way and reports have surfaced that this genetic modification can pose health risks to consumers in the long run. Eco Friendly Tip # 5: Turn off appliances you are not using. Make this a habit. Aside from paying less on your electrical bills, saving up on electricity can actually help reduce global warming. How? Our current source of electricity comes from fossil fuels which is the number one source for green house gases. And the less electricity is used, the less fossil fuel is consumed. Eco Friendly Tip # 6: Go for energy saving appliances. Aside from turning off appliances that you do not use, another way of saving up on electricity is by using energy saving home appliance and light bulbs with smaller wattages.
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