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solar fairy christmas lights led guide

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-25
Solar fairy lights create great eco-friendly Christmas decorations, create a good atmosphere for parties and weddings, and can be used outdoors from camping to garden landscaping.
This list of solar fairy lights will help you understand how to choose a solar Fairy lamp of good quality.
Christmas is coming soon, and the festival is coming soon.
LED solar fairy lights provide the perfect outdoor lighting solution to help create the perfect atmosphere for the party.
No power is needed, so they can be hung anywhere outdoors.
Solar fairy lights are also ideal for other outdoor lighting requirements in gardens, decorative restaurants and cafes, pergola terraces and verandas, camping, weddings, birthdays and any other special celebrations.
Please find a useful guide below to choose the best quality solar fairy Christmas lights.
List of Solar fairy lights 1.
Check the rating of the LED used to make sure your lights are bright and glowing at night. Look for description. 2.
Does the device have additional features such as a timer switch or different lighting modes?
Flexible lighting solution 3.
Make sure your solar lights use Ni-
MH battery with 3 times longer duration than Ni-Cd (lead acid)batteries.
They can also be disposed of more safely than NiCd batteries. Ni-
Nickel-hydrogen battery with snapnon-
This means they will continue charging on cloudy days.
Battery performance will not be reduced due to partial charging like lead-acid batteries. 4.
Make sure to use the original solar cells instead of debris from cheap models.
This ensures consistency in the operation of solar cells and faster charging times, making your lights last longer. 5.
The bigger the solar panel, the better: Look for 10 solar strips to ensure efficient charging. 6.
Solar panels should use EVA laminated packages with strong UV rays
Resistance and longevity for 10 years.
The cheap model usually uses epoxy: the average life is 2 years.
If you\'re looking for an easy way to light up your next celebration, wedding, party, Christmas in July (or December)
Or add something different to your landscape, balcony or terrace, then solar fairy lights are a great choice.
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