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Some Quick Changes To Make Your Restaurant's Take-out

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-11
We have all seen the headlines from various places around the country talking about a ban on foam containers, plastic shopping bags, plastic plates and more. What is the alternative, and if I am a restaurant owner, what can I provide to my customers that will do the job, be in compliance with current regulations, and maybe even anticipate what is coming int he future. We will talk about some different things you can do right now to 'green up' you restaurant without spending a lot of green to make that change. There are two important areas of any restaurant's operations that are affected by the old foam and plastic products. Restaurant owners need to solve the dilemma of what to give patrons when they purchase food to-go, or at a drive-thru operation. Solving the drive thru and the 'doggie bag' can go a long way in helping to green up a restaurant quickly and easily, starting tomorrow morning. Instead of foam containers, there are a whole host of new eco- friendly tableware items that are efficient, effective, and appeal to consumers desire to do whatever they can to create a cleaner community. There are disposable plates, biodegradable food containers, even biodegradable lunch trays and cutlery. Look for items that are made from compostable materials, like sugar cane (bagasse) or other fast renewing resources as they offer strength, cut and moisture resistance to hot or greasy foods and they compost in a commercial compost facility in about 2 months' time. These compostable materials can be made into many shapes and are commercially available right now as biodegradable bowls, larger biodegradable containers for foods like chili, stews, soups and salads and even disposable lunch trays for kids' meals. There are brand new releases coming that will allow coffee shops and others to offer their customer a compostable hot drink cup lid to go on the top of their coffee cups. Eco friendly materials can be made into plates and platters as well, so all of your needs can be met with an eco-friendly material and they aren't that hard to find. There are recyclable bags and other options to hold all of these items. Many of these containers stack together well, and can be tied with tape, twine or other fastener and eliminate the bag altogether. If you begin your search for some biodegradable disposable tableware alternatives, you'll be amazed at the number of items that are available in the market, whether they are made from bagasse, bamboo or other renewable fibers, which can help you solve the original question, how can I make a change to the products that I carry so that I can make my restaurant greener, and still offer my customers a convenient way to take food to go or receive it in the drive thru and get it home safely and cleanly to their table.
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