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stop using gift wrap and use socks instead of party bags, children\'s author tells parents

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-26
This is part of the celebration, picking colorful gift packages and decorating gifts with curly ribbons.
But a children\'s science writer said that in order to be more eco-friendly, we should stop packing party gifts and instead give unpacked ones.
Isabel Thomas, 39, even suggested that parents could use socks as party bags to save on waste.
\"We can start to change our birthdays, change the data we celebrate things, and try to reduce plastic,\" she said . \".
\"You probably wouldn\'t mind too much if you had a gift packed.
\"A lot of wrapping paper is actually non-recyclable.
\"We think the paper is easy to recycle, but if we take it out and knead it into a ball and it won\'t be kneaded into a ball, then it won\'t be recyclable.
\"Stopping using balloons is also a great way to reduce plastic, and you can even make your own decorations with what you find in nature.
\"It\'s a cycle because we are polite to each other, but we forget about the planet.
\"On Saturday afternoon, Thomas spoke at the Financial Times Oxford Literature Festival, where he lives in Cambridge with his family, and she said she collected plastic contents of the three sons party bags, instead of throwing away all the plastic to understand how much plastic they use.
\"We can definitely use socks as party bags,\" she added . \".
\"It\'s great to take this idea away.
\"The Scientist and author of more than 150 books are promoting her latest publication for children and young people, which is not rubbish and reveals the impact of everyday habits on the environment.
She provides children with advice on how to make them greener, such as advising them to reduce meat consumption and flush only toilets when absolutely necessary.
Thomas draws on her experience of running a craft club at school, adding that some
The use of favorite plastic materials should be completely stopped.
\"Since studying plastics, I have changed the way I run the workshop,\" she said . \".
\"I used to do a lot of crafts, using plastic straws and Google eyes and the like, and I didn\'t think much about it.
\"Google\'s eyes can\'t even be recycled, so the chain stops there and projects often go straight into the bin.
I don\'t need it now.
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