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students hold event to help cut use of plastic bags

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-16
WITH eco-
With friendly bags in hand, about 160 students from more than 10 schools gathered in the hope of reducing the use of plastic bags by the public.
Work with Ipoh parade mall, according to project 141 (one for one)
Members of the Leo Club of 308B2, including young people from Selangor and ak Ke, walk around the mall and exchange ecology
In exchange for plastic bags, friendly bags are provided to shoppers.
The project was also held together with yesterday\'s 60 international Leo day, a day celebrated by Leo Club members all over the world.
Three students from SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 3, organization chairman Howard Leong, said the organization wanted to collect 1,500 plastic bags from shoppers. “We have eco-
Other sponsors of the Ipoh parade and project provided us with a friendly package, which is why we call the project 141.
\"It means a plastic bag in exchange for an environmental bag.
\"Friendly bag,\" Mr. Liang told reporters at the mall last Saturday.
Howard said the aim of the project was to make people aware of how the current Malaysian practice of using and throwing away plastic bags is destroying the Earth.
\"At the moment, ak only encourages the use of plastic bags on Saturdays, although those who still want to use them on that day can pay a little extra to use them if they forget to bring their own bags.
\"We hope that we can eventually reduce the use of plastic bags and help save the environment,\" Leong said . \" The shopper\'s response was very encouraging, he added, and some even asked for more than one ecosystem
Friendly package in return.
Liang Yongkang added that his team will use collected plastic bags to make Christmas trees for the upcoming festival.
\"We will leave the Christmas tree here for display until the end of Christmas,\" he said . \".
Other schools involved in the project include SMK La Salle Klang, SMK Subang Utama, SMK Assunta, Sri Kuala Lumpur School, Sri KDU International School, SMJK Sam Tet, SMJK Lam, SMJK Ave, Kuala Lumpur Metro maria Abbey, Lam High School and SMK St.
The monastery of Bernadette, etc.
For more information and updates on project 141, please visit the Facebook page of the Ipoh parade. facebook. com/ipohparade.
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