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surfactant market update: demand for ecofriendly products has never been greater and suppliers are answering the call with an array of products--all the while wondering what does it mean to be green?

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Green is still a gray zone for many formulators and their suppliers, and even if the marketing department asks for Green profiles for new products, consumers buy eco-friendly products.
\"More and more people are shopping in organic supermarkets and whole food stores, wearing organic clothing, using natural cosmetics, and driving fuel --
Efficient cars, \"said Josef Koester, director of care chemicals at Connes North America Free Trade Agreement.
\"People are buying more and more products that are useful to them, to the Earth and to society as a whole.
\"According to industry suppliers, natural movement is the biggest problem facing the surface active substance market at present, but this is obviously not the only problem.
David Kreckman, global business director of Noveon consumer specialty Surface Active Agents at AtLubrizol, highlighted the growing demand in the market.
These include: * multi-functional formula and brilliant eyes
Seize the appeal on hold;
* Desire for low pH applications;
* Sensitive skin requires a gentle and gentle formula;
* Demand for amideand sulfate-
Claims for free systems;
* Increased consumer demand for chemical safety; * Phosphate-
Freedom of expression; and * Anti-
As fear of the flu epidemic increases, bacterial hand sanitizer.
Therefore, it is not surprising that his company has provided a series of materials to meet these needs. Mr.
Kreckman notes that most of the company\'s Surface active substances come from renewable vegetables
Its product development work is based on this platform.
Lubrizol\'s vegetable collection-
He said the derived giatoxin peptide derivatives provide a high quality selection of natural ingredients for the identification of formulators.
These ingredients provide formula enhancements such as enhanced moisturizing, improved emulsion, moisturizing, thickening, etc.
In addition to these recipe demands, raw material costs continue to grow, and the recession has put some projects on hold.
At the same time, however, formula designers want to know what is new from their suppliers.
It\'s all about a challenging year for the surface industry.
How green!
Despite these problems, according to Art pavlovis, marketing and sales manager at Hamposyl and Chattem Chemicals, Inc. , the trend in green products is the largest in the market
\"Especially in the field of personal care, the trend is sulfuric acid-
It\'s also a free recipe for green.
He pointed out that Hamposyl of Chatham (sarcosinate)
The range of products can fully meet this market demand because therange is not
Toxic, biodegradable and sulfuric acid-free.
Dan beio, vice president of R & D, Rita
He points out that his clients want to stay away from oil
Derived and sulfuric acid-based Surface Active Agents.
\"However, they want to replace it at the same cost, which is a difficult task,\" he said . \"Beio.
\"Rita Corporation with our sodium acetate and coco-
Green, natural glucose technology
Base surface active agent.
But Adam Peel, president of Jeen International, warned.
\"The challenge for the industry is to make sure you balance natural issues and efficacy issues when developing natural surface agents,\" he saidPearle.
We provide natural
Base surface active substances and try to introduce other surface active substances to achieve a performance balance with the surface active substances of ether sulfuric acid.
Damian Kelly said: \"Green is still driving a lot of reformulation, but home product formulators are more aware of the large number of green products they can get, so their attention has returned to performance, croda Inc. professional Business development manager for home care and function
\"They will use green products, but only if they have the same or improved performance,\" he said . \".
Tom McAlpin, marketing manager, Pilot Chemical, agreed to call value and performance the biggest trend in finished products that affect the market for surface active substances.
In order to achieve this goal, the pilot companies are focusing on increasing production and efficiency.
Similarly, Innospec executives are also looking at each product that contributes to the cost of the product and looking for a cost-effective option.
\"We are doing this out of a firm commitment that our quality is not negotiable,\" explains general manager Phil Matena . \".
\"Therefore, we are concerned about things that have no direct impact on products such as packaging, logistics and process optimization.
\"When suppliers strive to control costs while ensuring quality, they are also seeking approval and promoting their environmental profiles in a variety of ways.
In December, EPA recognized BASF\'s care chemicals and formulators business as an advocate for environmental project design (DfE)
Security DetergentsStewardship initiativeSDSI).
The DfE of the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes environmental leaders who voluntarily commit to the use of safe surface agents, or those who quickly break down to pollution-free compounds and help protect aquatic life.
According to Mr, Croda has 18 DfE approved Surface Active AgentsKelly.
\"For over 80 years, Croda has delivered performance-driven green products, and our new product launches, such as NatSurf 265, are designed to deliver performance and green,\" he explained . \".
According to the Dow, Akzo Nobel is one of the top three companies in the field of sustainable development, explains Bill Klein, global product manager at Akzo Nobel surface chemical.
The company provides synthesis and plants-
Derived Surface Active Agents that meet market demand.
One of its most widely used season is soy. based mono-
It\'s C-
Derivatives of 16 surface active substancesbased. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Family, industry and institutions (I&I)
The cleaning market may be closely related, according to Sea-Vice President Mark mcgrsteon, but the reason for buying green products is very large
Land Chemical Company
\"In the consumer market, environmental awareness continues to penetrate into the decision-making process as the right thing,\" he noted . \".
\"In the I & I market, purchasing decisions are more driven by prices, performance and local environmental regulations.
\"BASF offers a variety of sustainable solutions for the I & I cleaning industry.
In 2008, the Inoterra surface active substance system was introduced as a substitute for non-ethyl phenol ester (NPEs)
In North America.
Ernesto Lippert, market development manager at BASF, points out that this product line that is easily biodegradable can be used for all cleaning recipes.
\"The I & I market is still interested in these products --
\"Known as green alternatives, the industrial and end-user markets demand more additives every day, which are safer to use and softer to the environment,\" he said . \"
He added that BASF has made sustainable development a core strategic approach.
Russ King, marketing manager for Air Products, said environmental trends continue to be a major trend such as replacing non-ethyl phenol acetate, reducing VOC content in finished products and renewable resources.
\"Air Products are the market leader in NPE alternatives for our Tomadol 400/600/900 series products,\" Mr. King toldHAPPI.
\"We recently launched the initial product of the factory --
Base surface active substances with topadol L series surface active substances are currently developing new products to take advantage of the trend of low voc.
\"In the past year, raw material prices have soared and collapsed before the rally.
No supplier can predict where the price is going, but almost every supplier has a plan to cope with market volatility.
These initiatives include managing costs by improving operational efficiency. Sea-
The Land Company\'s unique business model enables it to withstand the test of the recession.
By participating in the company\'s employee stock ownership plan, each employee is also the owner and has an inflated power and power management costs.
He said: \"The sales ratio of each of our employees is the highest in the company . \"Christeon.
\"We work closely with our customers and suppliers to rebalance our inventory to the right level.
We also recognize that cost management becomes easier through hard work and profitable sales.
\"The challenge for distribution is to have the right product in the right inventory location when the customer calls, and the quantity is right. Sea-
The land continues to invest in the products and people it needs and exceeds the expectations of our business partners.
He said: \"Just this year, our investment in the latest inventory management software is an example of our continued commitment to doing better, faster and cheaper for our customers . \"Christeon.
Connes implements the comprehensive cost optimization plan, saving the target of 70 million [euro]in 2009.
The company is also taking action to improve efficiency and process speed across the business area.
At the same time, it is expected to benefit from lower energy and transport prices.
Suppliers agree that green is the industry\'s biggest driver, but it is still difficult to find common ground to determine what green means.
Defining Green cognition adopts guidelines that combine the 24 principles of green chemistry and green engineering recognized by the world.
The company has also developed a green chemical solution classification system where the Green degree of a single product is based on the ratio of natural, renewable ingredients and how to deal with it.
The green product is made from 100% natural renewable raw materials and is purified using only water, alcohol or energy treatment processes.
Ready-made formulas are rated according to the proportion of natural ingredients
Atoms in the complete formula.
Based on the green of their lifestyle, each category meets the needs of different types of consumers.
In Chattem Chemicals, green means non-
Toxic, biodegradable and sulfuric acid-free.
\"This is our definition. we found that this is the definition of many of our customers . \"Pavlidis.
Some clients of AkzoNobel use the percentage target of the actual molecule, while others allow that as long as the base surface active substance is a plant-derived.
In AkzoNobel, the definition starts with aplant-
Based on fatty acids or alcohol, according to Mr. Klein.
In addition, the company is involved in DfE and has many surfaces on the website of CleanGredients.
\"Our extensive product line of surface active substances includes
\"The chain-based polysaccharide, 100% based on natural ingredients, provides excellent cleaning and degreasing at the same time,\" he explains . \".
\"Our Berol AG 6206N is an example.
Our species of plants
We provide green solutions for formulators seeking to develop consumer products with unique performance . \"Mr.
Perle argues that the definition of the term Green could be a challenge.
Green raw materials are defined as natural for Jeen
The basis for not using any synthetic parts during the manufacturing process.
Not all definitions are driven by marketers or consumers.
\"Chemical manufacturers will drive the environmental process as well as their customers . \"Christeon.
He believes that with all the new chemical products on the market, as well as more products, customers do not need to make environmental protection cloud sound choices.
But he warned that in the last three years of the R & D budget, in order to meet the market demand, as chemists waited for a new blockbuster to come out, there is a fatigue factor that slows the adaptation of additional new chemicals.
Stepan\'s researchers say they understand the confusion surrounding the definition of green.
In fact, steepan introduced the BiorenewableCarbon indexBCI)
To improve the transparency of ingredients, help formulators define green in their markets and customers --base (see p.
Harpi, July 2009).
Similarly, Evonik Goldschmidt calculates the renewable carbon index (RCI)
Help customers choose the right ingredients that suit their definition relative to the products they choose.
\"It is surprising to see the market we serve continue to become green in front of our eyes,\" said Rob Lonergan, market manager of Stepan surface active substances group.
According to Mr.
Stepan\'s extensive ingredient mix, Lonergan, has unique advantages to offer formulators the option to suit their specific green concept.
\"As a horizontally integrated company, we are given an advantage in the era of change we are experiencing today, because we are not locked in a limited chemical type,\" he added . \".
Croda\'s new home care Green Guide provides environmental data for more than 150 kinds of Surface Active Agents, enabling customers to make information decisions that match what kind of Surface Active Agents according to their own internal definition of green.
The guide provides information on a variety of points, including material sources, renewable carbon indices, EO/PO derivatives, and 4-dioxygen six-ring levels.
Of course, there are a lot of external organizations that have their own guidelines to help formulators determine what green means, and some vendors find that they fit well with industry expectations.
If that\'s not enough, marketers can find greener ingredients on many sites.
\"The definition of green by our customers and consumers is very close to existing market standards such as Ecocert, Cosmos, Blue Swanand nature,\" the management surface of Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH
The bold move by the economy may be uncertain, but it doesn\'t stop several companies ---
Including Akzo Nobel, Dow Chemical and Rodia--
Active acquisition.
With the acquisition of ICI, AkzoNobel occupies an important position in the polymer and personal care market. Mr.
Klein noted that AkzoNobel has been producing a variety of Surface Active Agents for the personal care, cleaning and I & I Markets. \"[But]
With excellent technology and staff from the National Starch Polymer Group, we have formed a single global personal care business offering surface active substances and polymer technology as well as solutions. Klein.
\"We are just beginning new developments that combine the best properties of polymers and surface chemicals.
\"In April, Dow acquired Rohm and Haas, which led to the development of the new Dow family and personal care business serving the home, personal care and institutional and industrial markets.
Carlos Silva Lopez explained: \"By taking advantage of each company, we believe that we can provide more fabric and surface care marketing directors in key areas such as R & D, geographic scope and rapid Formula development than those provided separately.
Earlier this year, Rodia acquired the MacIntyre Group to expand its market share of mild Surface Active Agents and strengthen its leadership in hair care by entering the conditioner market.
Jean-said: \"We have also invested in a new R & D facility in Shanghai to support the development plan of our customers and further strengthen our partnership . \"
Luc joy, North American director of business, Rodia Novika home and personal care.
In addition, as a way to strengthen its presence in emerging countries, Rodia has set up a new unit on its India Roha website to improve its surface in both domestic and export markets
Connes also expanded in India, opened a subsidiary in Mumbai and set up a branch in Auckland, New Zealand.
Both films highlight the importance of the region\'s perception of Asia.
The Pacific is now the third largest market after Europe and North America.
Finally, Pilot Chemical acquired the business areas of IntertradeHoldings, Inc. , Copperhill, TN to strengthen the forHI & I and emulsion polymerization applications of its products.
Mr. Pilot said that over the past year, Pilot has completed several plant expansion and bottleneck projects and is currently working on several new expansion projectsMcAlpin.
He insists that no matter what happens to the economy, the raw material business is about services. Christeon.
For this, in the past year, the sea
Land expanded its sales and marketing staff and recently opened its eighth warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What\'s New?
Even in the recession, suppliers are continuing to develop new chemicals.
In the past year, Chattem chemicals\'s strategy has been to develop new applications for its products-
This allows the company to stay ahead of any mature application, he said. Pavlidis.
At the same time, Chattem continues to practice Schotten-
Bowman chemical and product development based on this technology.
In fact, some proprietary new products are currently under development.
Akzo Nobel has launched several products in the past year. ArmocareVGH-70 is a palm-based di-
Ester quat, it offers an excellent feel of wet comb, debunk and soft silky. Arquad SV-60 PG is aclear-liquid, soy-based mono-
When added to the hair color and conditioner formula, it is easy to process and provide the halogen hydrocarbon for conditioning.
Finally, Elfacos T212 is a Lenovo Rheo modifier, which also significantly increases the deposition of silicone on hair, which provides personal care formulators with the development of newMr.
Evonik Goldschmidt has a close relationship with personal care market leaders and local participants, which enables it to create an efficient and transient, Klein said
Long-term supply chain to meet regional market demand.
Years ago, Evonik introduced highly concentrated preservatives worldwide-
Provide customers with high quality products.
Recently, Evonik launched Tego Betain C 60, a very mild surface active substance for skin and hair cleaning products such as shampoo, shower and foam bath, and liquid soap
When the activity is 47%, it is better than cocamidoppyl betaine (CAPB)
It\'s 30.
In addition, the Tego Betain C 60 remains liquid and is easy to handle and process. Mr.
Matena called Innospec\'s Iselux \"the most exciting surface active substance in the personal care market over the years, and said it was well received by customers around the world, because it addresses many of the key properties that the consumer of atbutestoday wants: purity.
Iselux is sulfuric acid-, dioxane-andnitrosamine-
Free, eco-friendly, biodegradable and extremely gentle production from renewable resources.
According to him, it also produces aluxurious lather with great fluidity and excellent feel. Matena.
In terms of home care and personal care, Innospec is promoting a biodegradable chelant to replace sodium acetate.
On the home side, Evonik has introduced Rewoquat WE 28 E, a green esterquat for fabric softener, Rewocare 755, which is an easier
Sahar faakhry explained: \"The main trend in the market we are involved in is a highly concentrated product that offers multiple benefits for improving the environment and time management
Smith, marketing and sales manager, Evonik home care consumer.
\"We are helping our customers by producing products that can be used for highly concentrated formulations and researching more available resources and environmental methods for new product development.
\"Over the past year, Rita has started offering a custom blend of itsEcoCert ritafactant, used in conjunction with its cation melon gum, facial cleaning for shampoo, shower gel, and even some home care applications.
\"These new, unique custom combinations of surface-active agents, as well as our cation melon gum technology, have helped our customers achieve petroleum from sulfuric acid-
Green environmental protection derived surface active agent
\"The approved system,\" he said . \"Beio.
According to Mr.
Joye, the current hair care trend is to focus on the look of the hair, create a natural, attractive look and feel, and even increase the confidence of the end user.
Miracare SLB of Rodia can selectively nourish and moisturize hair, treat and repair damaged hair.
The Jaguar C500 meets the need for wonderful hair by increasing volume and weight, and it also offers a squeaky --
Cleaning is very important for North American consumers.
New materials and concepts are also being developed for home cleaning applications.
For example, Stepan initiates Stepan to wipe any hard surface
Rinse the food to contact the surface disinfectant. It is alcohol-and bleach-
Reduce microbial contamination quickly and free of charge.
Stepan provides supplementary registration for this product for itscustomers.
Anne garlippi said: \"Stepan wiping any hard surface proves our continued investment and innovation in the biokilling business, and meet the needs of our customers for convenience and market service manager.
Dow fabric and Surface Care has introduced Ecosurf EH special Surface Active Agents to help customers meet the growing expectations of convenience in the market, as well as stricter environmental and safety regulations, without sacrificing the desired cleaning performance of the end user.
In fact, according to Mr. , this biodegradable production line shows performance in many applications. Lopes. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Air Products has introduced two new ingredients for car wash formula.
According to Mr, the emulsion 300 improves the drying efficiency of the car wash and produces more consistent stability in a range of formulationsKing.
Tomadry DAB is a dry auxiliary additive that can be easily added to a variety of final applications, including a full body protector, a clear coating, an enhanced drying aid, flushing conditions, and window handling
The Tomadol L series of non-ionic surfactant from Air Products is based on renewable palm oil and coconut oil.
They can be used in a wide variety of I & I applications and provide the flexibility of natural selection for formula designers
He said that with changes in market trends and dynamics, sources and synthetic sourcesKing.
Last year, Croda launched DfE-NatSurf 265
Approved Non-ionic surface active substances obtained from natural and renewable fatty alcohol raw materials.
According to the company, the length of the carbon chain and the degree of ethoxization on the product are customized to provide excellent cleaning performance superior to traditional non-ionic surfactant.
Soil removal and non
Stripe surfaces are two key advantages of this product.
Whether the manufacturer produces household cleaners, laundry detergent, shampoo or facial cleaners, the supplier must prepare a range of new products.
\"It\'s simple to maintain a competitive advantage ---
\"Innovation,\" he insisted. Perle.
\"Our innovation is natural --
Based on preservatives and our silicone chemicals, we have unique, effective and economical raw material products
Effectively and most importantly meet the needs of chemists who have been driving our R & D efforts.
\"Yes, the recession has had an impact on the market for surface active substances.
But all the recession has one thing in common. -an ending.
At the end of the day, innovative companies will continue to exist for a long time after the start of the next economic cycle.
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