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Sustainable Packaging - The Future of Packaging Industry

by:Greenweimo     2020-07-05
Sustainability in general terms, is defined as the growth that meets the requirements of the present, without affecting the capability of future generations to meet their own. In this article, we will talk about the sustainability in reference of Packaging industry. No one can deny this fact that the packaging industry is a very well established and developed industry. All of us use plastic packages, boxes in our daily use, but have we ever realized what are we loosing in the name of development and fashion? It is our environment, our nature which is paying for our comfort. While using plastic packets and other plastic packaging items, do you ever think that these plastic packets which are non-degradable, where do they go when we throw them after using once. It is our earth and environment which have to grab our plastic and other wastes. These plastic items and packets do not degrade easily and they remain in the earth for a very long time reducing the fertility of soil. The only way to degrade them is to burn them, but when you burn plastic items, they release dust, ash and smoke in the air that is very bad for the health and also pollute environment. Packaging is not only a resource intensive sector in this resource constrained world, but tons of packaging wastes are ending up in landfills daily. As we have discussed the impact of packaging on environment, we may now understand the requirement of sustainability for packaging industry. So now we will discuss about sustainability in the packaging industry. Packaging industry cannot help but become the sustainability main point and standard for other industries. Some major companies are taking initiative and have come ahead to lead the 'sustainable packaging revolution' by adopting solutions that abstain from traditional petroleum-based plastics. Other companies must take lesson from these companies and should implement sustainable packaging as far as possible. With many of the worlds major brands preparing to follow it, it is only a matter of time before truly sustainable, plant-based packaging becomes an industry standard. The large scale acceptance of plant-based packaging techniques is helping to create economies of level that will encourage other companies that may have initially been hesitant to adopt this type of packaging due its high price to re-think about it. This is also true in light of the recent hike in oil prices that continues to make traditional petroleum-based plastic packaging look less encouraging by the day. There are some barriers that need to be overcome in order to implement sustainable packaging on a wider scale. One fact is that the user is overwhelmed by the growing list of unclearly defined terms used to describe sustainable packaging such as biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, recycled, and other variations. Both the packaging industry and customers need to work together to build up a set of standards that will end confusion and maintain transparency in the growth of sustainability sector.
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