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takeaway coffee cups piling up in landfill as australia\'s caffeine habit soars

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-19
Australia\'s history
More and more caffeine habits can cause more harm than we thought, and environmental activists warn that disposable coffee cups are quickly becoming a major pollution hazard.
It is found that it looks like a disposable coffee cup made of paper contains plastic that does not break down and is harmful to the environment.
\"These cups have a plastic lining that either ends up being landfill when they leave --
They don\'t degrade.
Or they will eventually become a major pollution hazard in the environment, \"environmental activist Tim Silverwood told 7. 30.
\"Even if the paper can degrade and become inert, the plastic stays around for a long time.
\"It\'s probably the second cup of coffee.
In addition to plastic bottles, the biggest contributor to garbage.
It is estimated that Australia uses 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year.
Richard Fine founded biodegradable coffee cup maker Biopak ten years ago, and it is estimated that up to 60,000 of all disposable cups will eventually be landfill, equivalent to about a kilo of plastic waste per year.
\"However, we are trying to solve this problem.
\"We think the cups can be recycled and should be recycled,\" he said . \".
Green Party Senator Peter Wish
Wilson, who is in charge of the plastic survey, said plastic in the ocean is the world\'s largest global pollution problem.
They\'re small and dangerous.
They can enter the stomach of fish and other marine life, \"he told 7. 30.
\"The ocean is turning into plastic soup, and given that the ocean is the source of all life on this planet, we end up choking.
\"Real recyclable cups are being made, but there is a price for this option and not all cafe owners are willing to spend the cost.
Some disposable coffee cups claim to be recyclable, some claim to be compostable, others are considered biodegradable, but Mr Fine says these claims may be for some reason
Recyclable: Is Plastic
The recyclable areas of coated paper cups vary, with some local councils accepting coffee cups as part of the recycling process, while others exclude them from landfill sites.
Compostable: when the materials of these cups are decomposed, they should be suitable for compost.
Compost is not common in Australia, however, so cups are placed in House or community compost.
Most compostable coffee cups end up in landfill.
Biodegradable: Normally, this includes the use of additives in oil
Based on the plastic lining, it breaks down when there is lack of oxygen.
But the scientific evidence is not sufficient to prove that this is indeed valid.
To reduce your coffee cup landfill, you can do four practical things, which doesn\'t mean giving up your daily coffee ceremony.
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