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tapped out consumers spurn bottled water

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-12
Tap water is making a comeback.
Bottled water on the same day
Recommended 64 ounces
Depending on the brand, it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, and more people choose to drink water directly from the sink.
The bad economy may be realizing what environmental activists have been trying to do for years --
Get people weaned from disposable plastic bottles that are stylish, portable, healthy and safe and safer than the water on the tap.
Heather Kennedy, 33, an office administrator in Austin, Texas, said she used to drink a lot of bottled water, but now she is trying to drink only tap water.
Connecticut mom, shooting protesters at Virginia Beach, interrupted Harris. \"I think (bottled water)is a rip-
She said in an emailmail.
\"It\'s not a better or healthier product than the water in my tap.
It\'s ridiculous to pay so much for this.
\"To 700-
A bottle of polish spring water costs $4 a day.
According to the price of a CVS pharmacy in New York. Or $6. 36 in 20-
An ounce of Dasani. By half-
Evian rising at $6. 76, please.
It adds up to thousands each year. Even a 24-pack of half-
The bottle of Costco Wholesale Company
$6 bargains
97, will be consumed by one person within six days.
More than $400 a year.
But the water in the faucet?
Slightly greater than 0.
According to the average of the American Water plant Association survey, the water value of the day is 001 cents.
About 51 cents a year. U. S.
Consumers spent $16.
According to the trade publication Beverage Digest, the price of bottled water in 2007 was 8 billion.
Up 12% from the previous year.
But editor John Sicher says this is the slowest growth rate since the beginning of 1990. Coca-
Cola Enterprise Co. , Ltd.
Coca\'s biggest bottle makerCola Co.
The company recently lowered its forecast for the quarter, saying the weak North American economy is hurting sales of bottled water and soda --
Especially 20-
The service size of an ounce that consumers have been buying at gas stations.
\"They\'re not going to walk in for $20.
\"An ounce of water,\" said William Pecoriello, a beverage analyst at Morgan Stanley . \".
Seasoning and \"fortified\" water like vitamin drinks are also eroding the market share of regular bottled water. (
Photo/Kirsty Wiggleworth)
Pecoriello said that American concerns about the environment are also a factor because of opposition to the movement to use oil when making and transporting bottles, the concept of waste they create and pay for things that are basically free.
Tappening project to promote tap water in the United StatesS.
Clean, safe and environment friendly.
More friendly than bottled water, a new advertising campaign was launched on May Day.
Since last November, the company has also sold more than 200,000 reusable hard plastic and stainless steel bottles.
The 56-year-old is the latest retiree from Lexington, Massachusetts.
Bought two metal bottles for $14
50 after she vowed not to buy bottled water from Costco, she and her daughter came from the consumer advocacy group, corporate accountability, respectively \".
\"I spent a lot of money --
I have been cutting jobs since I retired.
School guidance consultant
\"Also, I began to feel like it was a huge waste of the environment.
\"Some bottled water manufacturers are trying to address these concerns, aware of them.
Nestle says half of it
There\'s an eco-bottle now\"
30% less plastic than normal bottles and less other packaging.
Pepsi and Coca-Cola
Coke also reduces the amount of plastic used in bottles.
While it is difficult to track the usage of tap water, sales of tap accessories are booming.
Brita water purification products produced by Clorox Company.
Double newspaper
Digital sales and sales growth may have been strong for three consecutive quarters.
Robin Yege of Needham.
Fill her child\'s reusable bottle with water from the faucet at home.
But she does not drink water directly from the tap.
\"My child has come to the conclusion that any unfiltered water tastes bad,\" she said . \". Her reverse-
The penetration filtration system costs about $200 per 18 months of maintenance
Cheaper than buying a bottle.
Kennedy, a faucet converter from Texas, built a filter into her refrigerator.
She also recently purchased reusable aluminum bottles produced by Sigg, Switzerland, which has stopped selling aluminum bottles worth $19.
99 metal bottles on the company\'s website said demand had flooded supply.
According to Deutsche Bank analyst Bill Schmitz, while Brita dominates water filtration, sales of P & G\'s Pur water filtration system are also growing.
Sales of Pur line have been growing almost every month since the medium term
2007, says Bruce Leitz, its brand manager.
He declined to give sales figures, but said \"The water filter category is expanding rapidly.
\"Plastic water bottles have rebounded,\" Schmitz said . \".
Cities and businesses, large and small, were also involved in the operation.
Marriott International Limited
Distribute free refillable water bottles and coffee cups to 3,500 employees in Bethesda office, Maryland.
, And installed multiple water filters on each floor.
Upscale restaurants in California.
, Threw away bottled water in the summer of 2006 and started to shine in early 2007.
\"Does it make sense to have bottled water in Italy, trek to the port, transport all the way here, and then trek to our restaurant?
\"Mike Kosa, restaurant manager, Chez Panisse-Rienzi.
\"We check 25,000 bottles a year. . . .
They must eventually be recycled.
Many cities, including New York, have enacted
Some stopped providing disposable water bottles to government employees.
Chicago started 5-
On January, a US tax on plastic bottles was imposed.
San Francisco has stopped the delivery of the kettle for the office, but has installed filters and bottles
Less shopkeeper, no purchase order-
Provide bottles to city employees with municipal funds.
Tony Winnick, spokesman for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, said the city had cut the government\'s water budget by half to $250,000 a year.
He said, \"Oh no, I don\'t drink bottled water, I\'ll have tap water, and it\'s getting funky. \'\".
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