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Technical Textile and Its Applications

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-08
The term 'technical textile' has come up as a new phenomenon in the textile industry. As the name says, these textiles are mainly manufactured for the non-aesthetic purposes and are hugely run for their technical performances and functional properties. Keeping in mind the modern requirements, textile industry is emerging from decorative and fancy cloth material manufacturing to more mechanical and technical cloth manufacturing. There are numerous technical textile manufactures in India and abroad, mainly because of its wide growing importance and demand in industry. Technical textile manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in the manufacturing segment and its global demand is increasing rapidly. The reason behind this growth is the high strength and eco-friendly feature of this cloth. These textiles carry a wide range of protective functions such as protection against thermal, fire, chemicals and UV rays. Cost-effectiveness, durability, light weight, versatility, user friendliness and logistic convenience are some of the characteristics that make these technical textile materials more beneficial. These textiles could be categorized as industrial textiles, hi-tech textile, performance textile, engineering textile and invisible textile. Main segments of textiles which are technical includes following: MOBILTECH - These textiles are used in transportation industry for automobiles, railways, ships, aircraft etc. Basically, the material is used for making car body covers, airbags, seatbelts, parachutes, helmets, and seating fabric in railways. PACKTECH- These textiles are used as packaging material in various sectors such as agriculture, industrial, consumer based products, etc. Some of its basic applications are wrapping fabrics, leno bags, tea bags, containers and canvas covers. AGROTECH- As the name suggest, the technical textiles used to fulfill the requirements of agriculture or fisheries sector are known as AGROTECH. The basic applications of this textile are shade-nets, crop covers, bird protection and fishing nets. ECOTECH- Also known as eco friendly or the environmentally friendly textiles, the ECOTECHS are widely used to fulfill the requirements of eco engineering. Floor sealing, erosion protection, air and water cleaning, prevention of water pollution, product extraction, etc. are some of the application areas of these textiles. SPORTTECH- The technical textiles used in the sports industry are known as the SPORTTECHS. These textile materials are commonly usedfor manufacturing different sports equipments like shoes, sports bags, cycling equipments, motocross protection garment and many other sport wear. There are a lot of options available in market today. All you need to do is search out online for the right type of technical textile for your own purpose and get it.
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