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the eco friendly office: 8 easy ways to make your office greener

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-20
At home you may have stopped using incandescent lamps, you may have a low flow shower head, you may have added more organic food to your diet, recycling may have become a deep rooted
You do your part at home to reduce your carbon footprint and keep our earth green.
But how many of us have the same concerns in the workplace? How many eco-
Do you use friendly office supplies at work? Using eco-
According to the size of your company, friendly office supplies can save the business hundreds or thousands of dollars.
There are eight ways to make your office greener. 1.
Make recycling easy.
Set up bins for all kinds of recyclable items you experience on any day.
You can recycle the paper, calendar and organizer you print, and even the cartridge itself. 2.
Purchase items made of recycled materials as much as possible.
You can find the post easily
Consumer paper and even printers made mainly of recycled plastic. 3.
Instead of buying new ones all the time, choose refurbished office equipment.
It is expected that the refurbished office equipment will save 20 to 30%, and even more if you have used it.
Most refurbished items still have a valid manufacturer warranty.
Be sure to read fine print before you finish your purchase. 4. Waste not.
Entering ecology-
By reducing waste, friendly office mentality.
Print and write on both sides of the paper.
Print the document only if necessary.
For example, share a PDF file instead of printing each document.
Use of email and bulletin boards to further reduce paper usage for office memos.
Waste paper should be collected for recycling and not thrown away.
Reuse envelopes, boxes and packaging materials as much as possible. 5.
Turn off your computer when you finish your day\'s work.
The few seconds it takes to turn on in the morning is well worth turning it off to save power.
You may be surprised to find that even with the power off, many office machines are continuing to draw energy from their power supply.
You can save energy by putting office equipment on the power strip so you can completely turn off the power of the machine. 6.
When you change office supplies, focus on energy use.
For example, switch the CRT display to energy-
LCD flat panel display.
You will save energy costs in the long run. 7. Clean green.
Don\'t forget the cleaning supplies used in the office.
You can also use non-\"green\" them only
Toxic, biodegradable, natural detergent.
Depending on the size of your company, you may be able to help the planet out of foam plastic or paper cups.
Let employees bring their own glassware for coffee or water.
For large office parties, when it is not practical to ask everyone to bring their own location settings, consider the packable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery.
More and more office supplies stores are starting to carry this item. 8.
Build a green team.
If your business is big enough to deserve it, set up a \"green\" committee, meet regularly, brainstorm and fill your workplace with an ecological environment
Friendly office supplies.
Protecting the environment is important enough to be done anywhere we work and at home.
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