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The Need to Know Before Choosing Eco Friendly Baby Toys

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-07
Toys are an important part of the development of babies and there are more and more parents that would like to get green toys for their children. Although this is a nice goal to reach, there are some things that are good to be kept in mind. Look for the materials In case you are looking for eco friendly baby toys you should know that the plastic that is usually used is made of non-removable oil and also some of the wooden toys are made of non-sustainable wood. Another fact about toys is that many of them have been made with the help of chemicals that you don't want anywhere near your baby. In case you want green toys you should avoid getting plastic ones as much as you can, look for sustainable wood eco friendly baby toys, recycled plastics, wool and other natural materials. Organic Using organic items is a lot more than just a trend. There are many green toys like stuffed dolls and animals to choose and the difference between the organic cotton and the regular cotton is that the organic one hasn't been treated with different kinds of chemicals. Harmful elements Before you actually purchase a toy make sure that you see on the package that the item is free of PVC, BPA, lead and phthalates. This is how you make sure that you get eco friendly baby toys. Packaging It's not only the toy itself that can be non-green, but also the packaging. This is why the packaging of the green toys should be green as well. Make sure that the package is recyclable or reusable and that there is a recycling reminder on it. Less new items Every child is happy when he or she gets new eco friendly baby toys but you don't necessarily need new toys to entertain the little one. They can have just as much fun with a laundry basket or a pot and a spoon. Before you start buying green toys you should look at the already available options you can find around the house. Also you could make your own toys at home or join a group of toy trading. It is OK for the baby to have used toys that cost a lot less. Getting eco friendly baby toys is a very good idea and you can be sure that the toys won't harm the little one.
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