What Are the Reasons for Using Molded Paper Pulp Packaging?

Understanding molded paper pulp

Molded paper pulp is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It uses waste paper as raw material, and molds it into a certain shape of paper product on a special molding machine. It has four major advantages: the raw materials are waste paper, including cardboard, waste paper boxes, waste white edge paper and so on, which have a wide source; its production process is completed by pulping, adsorption molding, drying and shaping, etc., which is harmless to the environment; it can be recycled and reused; its volume is smaller than foamed plastic, it can be stacked, and it is convenient for transportation. molded paper pulp is not only used for making food boxes and tableware, but also used more for industrial buffering packaging, and its development is very rapid.

Benefits of molded paper pulp packaging

Molded paper pulp packaging is versatile

Molded paper pulp is easy to use and can be cast into various shapes and sizes as needed. This makes this type of packaging very suitable for daily use, and adds extra protection to delicate and tough products. Fibers of pulp are cast into different three-dimensional shapes, specifically designed for various products. Packaging materials can be customized to millimeter accuracy, making full use of available resources.

It is environmentally friendly

Can molded paper pulp be composted? Pulp packaging manufacturers use molded paper pulp packaging to reduce carbon footprint and alleviate environmental degradation. As it comes from natural fibers and materials, it can be 100% recycled. Most importantly, it is not dangerous or toxic. Even if it is dumped in a landfill, natural fibers are biodegradable and compostable. By using natural raw materials, you can help reduce carbon emissions and reverse the damage caused by plastic and other non-biodegradable waste.

Popular customer choice

Today, customers care more about environmental protection than ever before. With molded packaging following this theme, it is becoming a popular choice among customers. Companies using pulp packaging materials indicate that they care about the environment and retain and attract more customers in the long term.

Affordable price of molded paper pulp packaging

Many businesses are established for profit. One way to increase profits is to mold pulp packaging. Compared to traditional packaging, the use cost of molded packaging is lower, which is a wise move for businesses that want to make more money.

Best use of space

Large fiber molding of molded paper pulp packaging saves space by stacking and nesting inventory on trays. This increases the number of products that can be transported and stored in the warehouse. When you have more trays, you don't need extra space. As a warehouse manager, you can rent more space. If you add fiber packaging materials, you can store more goods.