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to have or not to haveâx80¦a green mobileâx80¦ that is the question?

by:Greenweimo     2019-11-06
The problem with recycling plastic in green phones is the word \"recycling.
When I think of recycling, I can\'t help but think of other words --
No, not as good as ordinary mobile phones;
No quality for my money?
This is far from the fact that when you see ethical issues, eco-designed phones are at the forefront of the industry, the new design concept and improved environmental production practice have entered the construction of this new mobile phone order.
I don\'t have enough space to show the world\'s consumption of plastic, but in the UK, give you an idea that we have 17.
Supermarket checkout 5 billion plastic bags a year?
To a large extent, they will eventually be discarded in landfill sites, but with the degradation life of almost nuclear isotopes, it doesn\'t make much sense to throw them away.
How many times do you see a bag floating on the side of the road or in the park, or caught by a tree, Yuk.
However, since they can be reused, they can have a life of 2nd and 3rd, and more, because the plastic can be recycled 6 times.
In Europe, we think more about it because in 2006, the number of plastics reused reached 50%.
I don\'t want plastic to be a monster like this, even if it\'s a second-best plastic alternative, our world\'s energy consumption will increase by 26% and the global warming figure will increase by 56%.
So if we are able to reuse what we have dug up in everyday goods, it is a reasonable economic meaning for the company, for the Earth and for you as an end user.
When people are so used to logging in, the phone comes into the market and suffers the same negative comment --
Cell phone. It\'s out now.
Their inland rivals.
As long as we have time, we can change what is best for us and the planet.
Once the benefits outweigh the immediate problems, it will be easy to change.
We need to see greener phones as necessary rather than part of the wishlist, and their design reveals the deep environmental attitudes that other industries should follow.
If the manufacturers of computers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and stereo microwave ovens follow suit and make products with recycled materials, does that make sense?
What about luxury goods, top watches or fashion accessories using recycled plastic?
To do this, it will be seen as a specification and customers will be confused if an industry uses raw materials instead of Second Life plastic.
The phone is very personalized, but the 4g, software platform or brand are all the same, if not better, because it is all assembled together with recycled eco-friendly materials.
Your carbon impact on the world around you will be much smaller.
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