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toyo ink group showcases eco-friendly products at all in print china 2014.

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Shanghai Dongyang Ink Co. , Ltd. Co. , Ltd.
With its sister company in China. -
Tianjin Dongyang Ink Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Shanghai Dongyang Ink Co. , Ltd. ,Ltd.
Jiangmen Dongyang Ink Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Toyo Ink Asia Limited, Ltd. (HongKong)--
It shows the comprehensive lineup of printing China\'s packaging and printing products in 2014.
Japan Toyo Ink Group-
Headquartered in Dongyang Ink Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. andToyo-Morton Ltd. and Belgium-
Together, they showcase their latest product innovations.
Dongyang Ink Group company provides ecologyfriendly,high-
High Performance-value-
Added products to meet the needs of the Chinese market and proposed integrated solutions designed to create new businesses.
On November, the China International Printing Technology Exhibition officially opened. 14-
Shanghai International Expo Center in Shanghai, China.
Dongyang Ink Group presents products and solutions for the following three product categories: packaging, graphic arts and regional products and technologies.
* Packaging: Two represents ecology
The friendly concave ink series of Dongyang ink group MULITISTAR and LIOALPHA is Switzerland-
Comply with and develop strict industry or legislative guidelines.
Water-based ink
Flexible glue inks based on AQUALIONA and AQUADURAN are also provided, as well as laminated adhesives for flexible glue packaging.
For paper food packaging, flash dry Series UV inks and uv varnish are UV solutions provided by Dongyang ink for the growing UV printing in China in Marchket.
Dongyang Ink Group also launched a series of high quality water
Flexo Ink based on various applications: AQUABRIGHT, pappapia and AQUACUP are also on display, they are metal decorative inks and can coatings for the ever-expanding can market in China
* Graphic: Ecology of Dongyang Ink Group
Friendly sheetfed, weboffset and publishing ink for high-speed applications are highlighted.
* Arets graphics: In 2013, Toyo Ink Group acquired UV ink experts from Arets group.
Arets Graphics, now from Toyo Ink Group, showed its latest UV ink products at the exhibition.
Flint Group raised the price of European offset ink, and the upward pressure on offset ink raw materials in the Middle East and Africa is still increasing. Therefore, as of January, Flint Group must increase the price of specific product groups by 5%. 1,2015.
\"Due to stricter environmental regulations and strict enforcement of these regulations, the market for pigment intermediates and pigments has grown considerably,\" January-
Paul van derVelde, senior vice president of procurement, sustainability, IT and regulation.
\"In addition, the various resins and basic chemicals used in the process industry are still challenging, and the price pressure that continues to rise has been going on for a long time without seeing the relief, and who can fewersuppliers work.
\"Craig Foster, president of the European division of print media, added that the price of most of the inputs in the industry is steadily rising, and there are some significant increases in specific product types.
Recognizing the challenges faced by customers, FlintGroup has been insisting on mitigating growth through enhanced efficiency initiatives and continuous development of a business-appropriate lean organization.
\"The continued supply and quality of products is critical to our valued customers and will never be compromised,\" Foster said . \".
\"So, despite our continued efforts to mitigate the impact of sustained cost increases, Flint Group is still forced to go through rising costs in the supply chain.
\"The new pricing is valid for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and will take effect from January.
1,2015, subject to the existing contract.
SICPA contributed to the World Bank pilot project to combat counterfeiting and subprime lending
Standard drugs Mark SICPA and international organization Anne-
Mary Le Roy, senior vice president and general counsel for the World Bank Group, and Pierre vio, senior director of public affairs and government relations at SICPA, signed an agreement, recognizes SICPA\'s contribution to pilot projects developed by the Global Forum on law, Justice and Development (GFLJD).
This pilot is an initial phase of a larger initiative to combat counterfeit and substandard drugs in developing countries.
The project, initially working with a country, will include an assessment of the country, across regions
Border and regional legal and regulatory frameworks.
The project draws on the knowledge accumulated by the World Health Organization, other international actors and international conventions such as the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the European Commission medical convention. S1CPA, a Swiss-
A private company that is a global supplier of security certification, identification and traceability solutions and services.
The pilot project will be implemented by the World Bank in cooperation with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)
Organization of International Development (IDLO)
The National and Global Health Law Institute at Georgetown University O\'Neal has paved the way for legal support to combat counterfeit drugs in a large number of developing countries.
Nazdar has expanded its global reach by adding 17 European distributors UV dar Ink Technologies, a UV, water-
Digital inkjet based on wide format, screen printing-
Since the launch of the series in fespa2014, ing and Flexo graphic inks have registered 17 dealers across Europe to purchase its newNazdar 202 series ink.
Dedicated to Roland Soljet XF Pro4-640 and XR-
The 640 and Roland VersaCamm VSi series of The Nazdar 202 series inks are currently composed of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, Norway and Portugal, and the entire United States.
\"We are pleased with the success of the nazdal 202 series Ink,\" said Martin Burns, global segment manager for digital solvent and aquatic products in nazdal.
\"They are meticulous results, the country. of-the-
Art product design and development technology is the first alternative ink for real color
Match Roland ecologySol Max 2 inks.
\"With ink already generating considerable interest in the US and Singapore, our network of Nazdar reseller partners continues to strengthen and grow.
Burns added: \"We work with the best delegates in the market we serve and continue to look for more distributors in markets that have not yet been developed to maximize our solutions
Marabu North America received recognition for innovative products at 2014 SGIAExpo Marabu North America Expo and received professional graphic image Association (SGIA)
Complete Product of the Year Award-
Laminate, adhesive, film, coating for Marashield UV
This year at the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, the cured liquid paint is on display.
Competitors have recognized the latest equipment and supplies to promote the special imaging industry in the current market.
Bob Keller of Marabu North America said: \"I am very satisfied with the Marabu North America team, we know that our products are top notch and now we have an award to show.
We are ready for next year\'s competition. \" Sixty-
Eight companies from all over the world submitted petitions and entered 139 products in 25 categories.
During the 2014 SGIA Expo, each product was judged (Las Vegas, Oct. 2224)
And exhibited in the Golden Gallery of the Expo, each category this year broke the limits of innovation.
Sun Chemical announced the launch of a new low-odor ink for its streamlined post-market inkjet series.
Streamline HPQ low-odor ink is the first inkjet product to benefit from Sun chemicals\'s innovative low-odor chemistry.
These inks have been developed for theRoland Soljet Pro 2, Pro 3 and Versacam printers, also with Mutoh, Agfa and Uniform as well as other eco-
Solvent inkjet printers using Epson DX 4 to DX 7 piezo inkjet printers.
Extensive testing in six months
Customers in the UK, Russia and continental Europe have shown in a month the long term performance of these inks in a wide range of machine installations.
\"This industry is experiencing a boom in business --
\"Companies using wide-format printers and those companies tend to occupy smaller offices,\" said James Gould, product manager at Streamline . \".
\"As a result, many of our customers are closer to the printer than in the case of large print factories.
This makes lowodor ink a \"must-have\" for many of our customers \".
\"Our streamlined range offers an alternative to OEM inks.
\"The new low-odor series offers high print quality and performance for streamlined esl hpq with a low-odor formula,\" he added . \".
\"It provides the best of both worlds for all of our customers.
\"Streamline hphpq LO is available in CMYK, light cyan and light magenta, as well as a flush solution.
They will be available in the Xperia M1 cartridges and 1 liter bottles across Europe.
Streamlininks manufactures chemicals in the sun on its website at Midsomer Norton, an inkjetrange that specializes in solar chemistry is one of the largest R & D, Global Inkjet analysis and technology centers.
UV-curing flexible ink from Bordeaux has launched a new printer in SGIA 2014 Bordeaux digital printing ink-
During the SGIA Expo held in Las Vegas, specific UV flexable and eco-solvent inks.
Bordeaux has introduced the new flexible UV curing ink plasma ac, the first printer-specific solution for Fujifilm Acuity Series printers.
Plasma ac is a hybrid matching ink, chemistry and color compatible with uvijet KI ink, offering better flexibility, stronger adhesion and long lasting in signage and display, professional and industrial applications
The ink is sold in a compatible 2L bag and the dedicated chip is zero
Shutdown installation.
\"Plasma Air conditioning is a major attraction.
Erez Shoshani, general manager of Bordeaux, said: \"Our tourists are impressed by the quality of its image and the simplicity of its installation . \", the U. S.
BordeauxDigital printing ink, a subsidiary.
\"A printer-specific ink, such as plasma AC, is formulated to enhance a specific printer model and sold in separate chips and OEM equivalent packaging.
During SGIA, we received quite a few plasma air conditioning fees and expect more interest throughout the year.
\"Bordeaux also shows its clear adhesion promoter to glass and plastic and then digital printing with Bordeaux\'s newestindustrial UV curing ink.
The final stage includes the later stage
Handle with high performance transparent gloss and matte coating.
Visitors also found fuze eco PR4, Eco Solvent Ink specially formulated for Roland SOLJET Pro4 XR640 printer.
In addition to being compatible with the OEM ink 100%, the fuze eco Solvent inkscan of Bordeaux also replaces an OEM color at one time, simplifying the conversion and providing greater cost savings.
Food packaging, special effects, and digital printing at the packaging Expo of Vivo International Ink Co. , Ltd.
At the iPACK Fair in Chicago, focus on its low-migration ink and paint expertise, special effects and digital printing technology.
\"Brand integrity is a key issue as standards and guidelines in the US are constantly changingS.
Overseas, I think it\'s a good time to base on what\'s going on in the packaging industry, \"said Rick Clendenning, President and CEO of ofINX International Ink.
\"Our team has looked at factors that have affected migration for more than a decade to develop a complete portfolio of safe inks and coatings,\" Glendenning added . \".
\"Being at the forefront of new developments means that we can support the packaging chain through a wide range of printing processes and applications, including special effect packaging.
We also have a new troubleshoot guide app that can help and educate visitors instantly, another reason why visitors visit INXbooth during pack expo.
Low migration ink and paint
The food contact surface was created in a specialized state. of-the-
Art facilities that meet strict government regulations and compliance requirements.
The first impression does make a difference, and one way brands stand out in the mess is by using special effects during the printing process.
This category of premium inks and coatings includes softtouch, Pearl, raised flash and spotted gloss paint;
Network varnish;
Also fluorescent, foil and metal ink.
Earlier this year, Alexa worked with Chromatic Technologies.
Provide customers with chemical reactions that help drive purchases, ensure freshness, improve safety and prevent fraud.
Special effects offered at the packaging Expo include temperature reactivity, glow-in-the-
Dark and color changing inks, as well as exposure and safety inks.
Netgear understands the importance of limiting any downtime to the printer, which is one of the advantages of the new troubleshoot guide app.
Instant messaging resources help print people select and save the most common print problems.
Kiian Digital will illuminate the textile market with fluorescent ink. Kiian Digital dazzles textile buyers, printers and end consumers
Users have introduced vivid pink, yellow and green fluorescent transfer sublimation ink.
These new additions to the company\'s Digistarrange are designed for attention
Grab graphics on sportswear and other textile printing applications.
These products are launched in SGIA, Las Vegas, Nevada, and will soon be available worldwide
After the various fluorescent colors of Kiian digital, digital textile printing has further entered the mainstream by allowing enterprises to provide new benefits to customers.
As with Kiian Digital\'s existing range, the new inksoffer has excellent drying performance, high color performance and wide range.
These features, along with all other recipes, are available through the company\'s global distribution network and direct sales.
Kiian ink product portfolio matches a specific print head for best performance and highest quality results.
PES Digistar HD-
One inks is designed and formulated for the first generation Epsonpiezo printheads. Digistar Hi-
Customized for the latest dx7 generation head, Pro inks is available with earlier versions and is designed for printing on light and/or low coated paper. Digistar K-
In order to be used with large capacity Kyoceraprintheads, a transfer sublimation ink was formulated.
\"Bright colors on textiles have never been more important than this, and by providing popular fluorescent colors for digital printers, we make vibrant sportswear almost available --Demand for TIME
\"Sensitive events and normal use,\" said AlessandraBorghi, sales director at Kiian Digital . \".
\"Not just sports clothing;
Digital textile printing is becoming a more and more important factor in fashion and interior decoration, in which color, performance and instant availability are also crucial.
\"Agfa Graphics presented a wide range of ink combinations at the Inkjet conference. The inkjet conference in duseldorf, Germany is an initiative of the Association of Professional printing manufacturers of screen, digital and Flexo technology in EuropeESMA).
Agfa Graphics, an early member of ESMA 2014, demonstrated expertise in developing inkjet inks for specific applications and discussed ink integration in industrial applications.
Agfa Graphics is committed to becoming the preferred partner for system integrators to develop inkjet printing solutionstion.
The company closely tracks the latest developments in inkjet printing, including solutions that best suit LED Curing
Color nails, white ink and other features.
Due to years of expertise in color technology and knowledge
In terms of Dispersion Technology, Agfa graphics\'s key capabilities in adjusting ink recipes to specific printing systems and applications.
For example, ink for product decoration, packaging, label printing, etc.
ACTEGA introduced a \"balanced\" UV ink line in Labelexpo Americas 2014, ACTEGA introduced a new type of UV ink line that is touted as fully balanced, all ink in the same
Easier to use on the printing machine, providing a better proofto-
Print and produce clean, bright colors.
\"This new product line has proven to be a better ink that can improve performance and processing and ultimately make customers happier,\" according to the company . \".
\"The ACTExact UVInks was created to provide market quality, balance and consistency to provide overall ink harmony.
\"In addition, Actega WIT presents its ACTDigi products designed to accommodate the various elements of the SubliNova G7 advanced sublimation ink introduced by InkTec, a new advanced dye sublimation ink.
SubliNova G7 ink is a special dye sublimation ink for DX7 printers and high-speed mode printing.
This ink has outstanding printing suitability and is suitable for use with a variety of transfer paper.
In addition, this ink can be used by DX5 head printers.
At 2014, InkTec has launched three new sublimation ink series (
Soblova G7/soblova Il-
LITE/SubliNova, of course)
It has developed into a professional manufacturer of sublimation ink. SubliNova HI-
LITE ink is extremely efficient, bright color, high color concentration, low production cost, suitable for light not coated and coated
Weight transfer paper.
The SubliNovaHI-
LITE ink is designed for a drawing machine equipped with Epson DX5 and dx7 print heads.
SubliNova Sure ink is specially formulated for the TFP head printer to ensure chemical compatibility through the simple switching of Epson ink.
The color range of SubliNova Ink is wider than Epson\'s sublimation Ink.
\"These new sublimation inks have been tested by InkTec research and development and customers from China and South Korea, and rick Kim, marketing manager of inkTec, said:\" Brazil has maintained high quality for several months, and will confirm our growing InkTec as a leading brand in the international textile market. \".
The annual Christmas party of CPIPC is December.
13 Chicago printing ink making club (CPIPC)
The annual Christmas party will be held on Saturday, December.
13, 2014 in PescatorePalace, Franklin Park, IL
In addition to the dinner party, highlight will also include an award ceremony for the ink of the year and the ink supplier of the year award.
For more information, please contact Luigi Ribaudo at 1 708 236-3806 ore-mail at Luigi.
Ribaudo @ sunchemical. com.
Sauger technology, long sleeve STS logo
Sauger long-term agreement technology
And STS complementary technology, BocaRaton, FL announced that they have entered a long-term
STS, as licensed sawmill, will sell digital ink for sublimation imaging.
STS have joined a specialized group of companies that have worked with, including BASF, Huntsman, InkTec, J-Tech (
Now part of the Kiian group)
, Khan, Nazdar and Sensient Technologies from kangtan chemical, MimakiEngineering.
SUNY-start registration
ESF/RadTech\'s online radiation therapy program RadTech works with the School of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York (SUNY-ESF)
Create an online learning course through a radiation curing program (RCP).
The program is currently open for registration and offers two short courses for professional development and three advanced online courses.
Participants can obtain a Graduate Certificate in radiation curing from SUNY. Two short courses for professional development are: * principles of energy curing technology: perfect for new employees, sales people and customers to better understand UV/EB
* The Foundation of UV curing 3D printing: The rapid growth of UV applications makes it possible to manufacture and prototype new methods.
There are also three advanced online courses covering the basic and advanced treatment of current and emerging UV/EB Curing Principles and Applications: * introduction to polymer coatings.
* Radiation curing of polymer technology.
* Radiation curing equipment, instruments, safety.
The courses are all their own.
Rhythm and online, so as long as the course is completed within the specified time period, they can attend as long as time permits.
This gives students the ability to start reviewing quickly and easily from where they left.
For more information about these courses, please visit the website atwww. esf.
Edu/Outreach/radcuring, or via email from RadCuring @ esf. edu.
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