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Trend Of Pulp Bowls Under The Plastic Ban


I am a pulp bowl, or you can call me disposable pulp tableware or pulp containers. Because of the Hainan's plastic ban, I have gradually received attention from people.

Pulp Bowl, A "job hunter" Under The Plastic Ban


August 1st is the first day that Hainan’s key industries and places officially ban plastics. I introduce myself here, formally "apply for jobs", and wait to be "hired."

Before putting it on the shelf, I was not a round bowl with a "body", but just a slurry made from sugarcane pulp. "Oh my God! What have you experienced?" I vaguely remember that when I turned into a pulp bowl and came down from the production line that day, my small pulp partners such as sugarcane pulp and wood pulp were shocked when they saw it. They found it unimaginable. It can be turned into a bowl! After all, we were all just plant fibers, which can be thrown away. I didn't expect to be able to “make a gorgeous transformation” like this, let us become pulp bowls, pulp containers, and come in handy.

Of course, all the small slurry partners in the factory can "transform" like me. With the support of the "magic" of scientific production technology, we have gone through the assembly line of pulping, forming, molding, drying, shaping, trimming, inspection, etc., smoothly walked out of the factory, got on the truck, and started our own business on the shelf. The job search journey of pulp bowl, pulp containers.

Before the ban on plastics in Hainan, we rarely appeared. I heard from the staff chatting in the supermarket that from today to November, schools, large supermarkets, hospitals, scenic spots and other key industries and places officially took the lead in launching the pilot work of banning plastics. It turns out that the plastic ban has been prepared for so long before, and they are laying the foundation for the four-month pilot work and the full roll out starting in December this year.

This shows that people have realized the importance of using pulp bowls and pulp containers. That being said, we are here at the right time! This is really exciting!


Why Are Pulp Bowls And Pulp Containers A Trend?


In fact, my brothers and sisters and I also came with "work assignments." From the time of birth, we have participated in "vocational skills training." The most critical requirements are to be green, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, easy to use, and able to cope with various occasions that need pulp bowl, pulp containers.

Why is this required? Because in our "big family", there is a group of "big brothers" who have worked for a long time. Everyone calls them disposable non-degradable plastic tableware or disposable non-degradable plastic bottles. Before they became tableware or bottles, they were completely different from pulp bowl, pulp containers. They were originally made of PP, PET, PVC and other raw materials, and their names were polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate and polyvinyl chloride, and they were mainly derived from petrochemicals.

They are difficult to degrade. If they are discarded at will, these "big brothers" will continue to age, crack during their long lives, and gradually become micro-particles, which infiltrate the soil, groundwater or the ocean, and become "fossils" that cannot be degraded for hundreds of years. White pollution in people’s mouths may pollute soil and water quality or threaten marine ecology. This is a future scenario that no one wants to see. Therefore, as a product that can be degraded faster and is more green and environmentally friendly, pulp bowl, pulp containers have been given the mission of "employment".

Today, we have quietly appeared in people's daily lives, serving people. For example, barbecues, parties, banquets, picnics, takeaways...I can hold all of these occasions, can hold water, can hold oil, can withstand high temperatures, and are often praised as "clean and sanitary." You don't have to praise me, these are all what I should do as a pulp bowl and pulp container. After finishing these "work", I will be stacked in a suitable place, naturally degraded and muddled into organic fertilizer, reduced to carbon dioxide and water, and then returned to nature, ending my life journey.

On the first day of "job hunting", I ran into important days such as the first day of banning plastics in key industries and places. Many customers in the store focused on me and my brothers and sisters, and some news media also came. Visiting us is really "a lot of attention", and I am not nervous about it at all. I look forward to being known and understood by everyone.

I want to say something to my heart. In the "job hunting career", we sincerely hope that more and more people will recognize pulp bowl and pulp containers, and be chosen by more and more people, to contribute to the work of banning plastics, and to witness the building of a country in Hainan. The changes brought about by the ecological civilization pilot zone have witnessed the green development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. At the same time, I also want to go to every country in the world and be accepted by every country on the earth. In this way, my mission of green and environmental protection will be realized, the use of plastics in the world will be reduced, and pollution will be much reduced.


Greenweimo, A Pulp Packaging Manufacturers

As a company pursuing environmental protection, and a pulp packaging manufacturer, Greenweimo focuses on the development and production of various biodegradable tablewares, and contributes to environmental protection.

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