Understanding Quality Requirements for Pulp Moulded Products

Understanding pulp moulded products

Pulp moulded products are biodegradable tableware made from pulp raw materials through forming, molding, drying and other processes, including pulp molded cups, bowls, lunch boxes, plates, trays, etc. They are directly in contact with food materials, using raw fiber pulp as raw materials, they have higher strength than similar products, with high recycling value and biodegradability, they are considered as green and environmentally friendly products. The quality requirements of pulp moulded products include appearance, dimensional deviation, capacity deviation, leakage, temperature resistance, cup body stiffness, load bearing capacity, compressive strength, lid folding test, drop test, delivery moisture content, safety requirements, raw material requirements, etc.

Quality requirements of pulp moulded products


The color of pulp moulded products should be uniform, with no obvious color difference among the products of the same batch. The surface should be flat and clean, with no oil stains, cracks, holes, smooth edges, regular shape, neat die-cutting, no foreign bodies or odors. The lid of pulp moulded products should be flat and easy to use, and the container and the lid should match well, and the rebounding cover should be firmly locked.

Safety requirements 

Pulp moulded products are required to comply with regulations. Raw materials used for food contact pulp and paperboard materials and products shall not harm human health, and detailed regulations shall be provided for physicochemical indicators including lead and arsenic indices, residual indices (formaldehyde, fluorescent substances), migration indices (potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metals), etc.

Raw material requirements

Raw materials for pulp moulded products shall comply with regulations, and shall be non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free. The regulations for molded pulp tableware of various types of pulp used in production, including wood pulp, straw pulp, weighted pulp, sugarcane residue pulp, bamboo pulp, or a mixture of the above.

With the rapid development of the global economy and the enhanced environmental awareness of people, pulp moulded products are receiving more attention from all sectors of society. Pulp molding is a low-profit industry, and every production step must be careful and cautious. Product quality is the lifeblood of pulp molded product manufacturing enterprises. Quality control from design to production stage, reducing quality problems and improving production efficiency are important goals for enterprises. At the same time, the quality of pulp moulded products is directly related to the health of end consumers. Therefore, as a degradable sugarcane straw tableware manufacturing enterprise, we should always attach great importance to the quality requirements of pulp moulded products, ensuring that all tableware entering the market are environmentally friendly, hygienic, and qualified, to protect the interests of distributors and end consumers.