What Is Biodegradable Packaging?

What Is Biodegradable Plate?

Bagasse sustainable containers for food are broken down into harmless products by the action of organisms such as microorganisms. Bio disposable plate is degradable and compostable, making the best use of everything and turning waste into treasure. The resource-based biodegradable disposable tableware products have high value and a broad market.

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What Are Biodegradable Plates Made of?

Bagasse is the raw material of plant fiber, which is produced by various processes. The biodegradable dishes has high physical strength, good water and oil resistance, low production cost, about 30% lower than wood pulp products, and has no toxic and side effects.

Bio Disposable Plate

Biodegradable Plates Manufacturing

GREENWEIMO bagasse plates manufacturer uses more than 500 molds to produce biodegradable disposable plates to meet the global market supply. GREENWEIMO bagasse plates manufacturer can also open mold production of sustainable disposable plates according to customer's design drawings or real samples. 

Biodegradable Plates

The production process of bagasse tableware is dust-free and sterile, and the whole process is produced with a high-tech advanced pulping system and a fully automatic forming machine.

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Finally, the bio disposable plates have to undergo strict testing, and the biodegradable plate products meet the world-class food requirements through metal detectors and microwave sterilization equipment.

Biodegradable Plate Products

Advantage of Biodegradable Plate

Features of bio disposable plates: biodegradable, compostable, environmentally friendly, healthy, safe. Biodegradable disposable plates also have the characteristics of cold resistance and heat resistance, which can be stored in the refrigerator or used for heating in the microwave oven. Sustainable plate is made of non-additive standard raw materials in compliance with national food-grade hygiene, safety standards and environmental protection regulations.

Advantage of Biodegradable Plate