What Are Raw Materials For Biodegradable Plate Production?

What Is Biodegradable Plate?

Biodegradable dinner plates refer to a lunch box that can undergo a biochemical reaction under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, mold, algae) in the natural environment, causing mildew in appearance to change in internal quality, and finally forms carbon dioxide and water. The whole degradation process of biodegradable dinnerware can be decomposed into harmless substances without manual participation, so as to achieve the effect of not polluting the environment.

What Are Biodegradable Plates Made Of?

As one of the professional biodegradable tableware suppliers, our biodegradable dishes are disposable degradable plates made of natural material "bagasse", also known as biodegradable bagasse plate. Biodegradable disposable tableware is a relatively advanced environmental protection product. The role of microorganisms in it can finally be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.

Features of Bagasse ContainersWhat Are Biodegradable Plates Made

Biodegradable Plates Manufacturing

The technological process of the bio disposable plates use bagasse compostable as raw material, through pulping, pulping, pulping, molding, hot-molding, trimming, microwave disinfection, heavy metal detection, appearance quality inspection, and finally packaging. According to different customer requirements, we can customize various personalized environmentally friendly bagasse fiber tray for food.

Biodegradable Plates Manufacturing

Advantages Of Biodegradable Plate

With the current global plastic ban and plastic restriction requirements, plastic-free or degradable has become an inevitable trend of future living consumption.

The degradable sustainable disposable plates turn the bagasse based food packaging into a treasure, compostable, renewable, organic matter, no residue, no pollution, 0 carbon emission, low cost, waterproof and oil proof, 90 days of natural degradation, which is a kind of almost The fully degradable fiber tableware with no shortcomings can also make the world green.

Advantages Of Biodegradable Plate