What Are the Benefits of Molded Pulp Trays?

Pulp is the raw material used to manufacture products and paper-like molded pulp trays . The material includes mineral, artificial or vegetable fibers. Paper has become an important aspect of daily activities and has been for a long time. Most paper is made from pulp extracted from wood. Paper and molded pulp packaging are made from cellulose fibers and other plant materials. Synthetic materials are sometimes used to provide special properties to the final product. Other papers are made from wood fibers, bagasse or sugar cane residues, rags, lint and flax.

1. Molded pulp trays are sustainable

Molded pulp packaging manufacturers highlight the sustainable growth potential of companies across all industries. This packaging material is suitable for cushioning items, especially during shipping, since it is made from recycled newsprint or cardboard. More recently, moulded pulp packaging is used globally for packaging purposes such as food trays, beverage racks and other non-edible products. As concerns about environmental pollution become increasingly important, replacing non-compostable and non-biodegradable products with greener options has become a necessity for almost the entire business world.

Not only are pulp trays economical, but they also become a suitable choice compared to petroleum-based materials, plastics and Styrofoam. For the price, sugarcane bagasse tray have a certain level of stability, making the material more reliable. Packaging requires less capital to implement. To make it even better, the material can be made waterproof by adding a layer of wax. This allows the pulp tray to remain intact even when it comes into contact with water during travel. If it comes in contact with water, the packaging can get wet and fall apart because it is made of wet pressed paper-based material.

2. Pulp trays are compostable

Bagasse food trays are environmentally friendly and economical throughout the manufacturing process. Pulp trays are also compostable and biodegradable, ultimately reducing waste. If pulp trays serve not only as a compostable packaging solution, but also replace plastic in every possible way, the environment will smile on humanity.

3. The pulp tray is customizable

The design, color of the pulp tray can be easily customized and some logos can be placed on it for branding purposes. They also cannot be forgotten by other materials when it comes to providing protection and cushioning for products. Many consumers admit that products packaged in molded pulp feel safer compared to thermopiles or plastic packaging materials .