What Are The Development And Applications Of New Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials Pulp Molding?

With the continuous development of the world economy, the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement and strengthening of environmental protection measures in various countries, protecting resources and the environment, creating a good space for survival and development, is the basic strategy to implement sustainable development and achieve good global economic development! The use of environmentally friendly packaging will be an inevitable global trend. The five principles of foreign trade website construction for search engines, and pulp molded products with their good use performance, especially excellent environmental protection characteristics, GREENWEIMO sugarcane molding is bound to become one A new type of green packaging material accepted by the society! 


Pulp molded products details introduction:

Pulp molded products such as sustainable agricultural packaging products are made of carton leftovers, newsprint, white pure wood pulp, etc., which are pulverized and blended into a certain concentration of slurry, which is formed by vacuum adsorption on a special mold, and then dried into different types and uses The lining body packaging products. This packaging product has a geometric shape that matches the appearance of the packaging and has good shockproof, anti-shock, anti-static, and anti-corrosion protection effects. After various physical index tests, its performance and efficacy are sufficient to replace and better than foam Styrene (EPS), PS and PVC packaging products, and occupies an advantage in indicators and functions such as shockproof function, environmental protection, price and anti-static. It is widely used in lining packaging in industries such as electronics, home appliances, industrial instruments, mechanical parts, electrical tools, computers, home appliances, glass, ceramics, and agricultural products.

Pulp molded products growing trend:

Pulp molded industrial products lined with shock-proof packaging products have only developed rapidly in recent years. With good shock-proof performance, waste utilization, recyclable, easily decomposable, pollution-free environmental advantages and lower cost than traditional packaging (EPS) foam The cost advantage of plastics is favored by foreign investors, joint ventures and domestic export companies in China. The pulp molding industry packaging industry is developing rapidly. At present, there are more than 1,000 products developed, involving biodegradable pulp pots, household appliances, communication equipment, computer accessories, hardware tools, toys, ceramics, glassware, lighting, food, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural products, etc. industry.

Pulp molded products history:

The pulp molding industry has a history of more than 80 years in some more developed countries. Currently, the pulp molding industry has a considerable history in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, and Singapore. Scale, China’s pulp molding industry, like sugar cane pulp packaging industry, started relatively late. Since 1993, due to the eastward shift of the world’s processing industry, foreign companies in China are required to use environmentally friendly packaging for their export products. The development of lining shockproof packaging for industrial products such as tools, communication equipment, food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, agricultural products, daily necessities, and lighting.