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What is a Green Move? How to Plan a Green Move?

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-02
These days, everything's going green, and it is becoming the accepted norm to care for the environment in every possible aspect of life. During a move, you tend to use a lot of packaging material made of plastic and paper, which eventually ends up doing a lot of harm to the environment. A green move essentially keeps the damage done to the environment to the most minimum level possible, involves using as much recycled and eco-friendly packaging material as possible, and can also turn out to be pocket friendly as well. Here's how you can make your relocation a green experience: Recycle: Instead of opting for fresh new rolls of bubble wrap and plastic sheets, scourge your home for as much of these materials as you can find lying around. Reuse plastic bags from your shopping sprees, bubble wraps from previously purchased products to as great an extent as possible before reaching out for the fresh rolls. This also works for cardboard cartons - the more cartons you save up, the less you need to purchase, and the more responsible you become towards the environment. Use old newspapers: You don't need to buy yourself bags and bags of shredded paper from the store. You can use old newspapers and shred them into strips manually to pack your delicate goods securely. Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also find a nice way to get rid of all those old bundles of newspapers. Use natural materials for packing your goods: To go more eco-friendly, you can even use dried leaves and grass to provide cushioning for your goods during packing. It costs nothing and is as eco-friendly as you could ever make packing. Old clothes are great too: When planning to relocate, don't throw away your old clothes, at least not just yet. Use your old clothes to pack up your various household items, especially glasses and glass artifacts safely. You can always dispose of your clothes at the new location, and it means you don't have to invest in purchasing too much of packing material. Spring clean: The best thing about moving is that you get to do a bit of spring cleaning around your house, and get rid of everything you consider useless. Go through all of your stuff and throw out everything you are sure you won't be using in the new location. This way, you can pack light - you will only need to pack the essential goods, and not unnecessary carry around a load of unwanted items. Packing light means lesser effort and lesser costs involved in relocation.
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