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What Is Bagasse,A Sugarcane Residue


What is bagasse? Bagasse is a dry pulpy fiber residue that remains after crushing sugarcane or sorghum stalks to extract their juice. Sugarcane is one of the main raw materials for sugar production. After the sugar is pressed, bagasse is left.


What Is Sugarcane?

Bagasse raw materia is sugarcane. Sugarcane is an annual or perennial perennial tropical and subtropical herb belonging to the C4 crop. Sugarcane stalks are erect, thick and juicy, often covered with white flour. The leaves are alternate, with small sharp teeth at the edges, and the spikes are compound racemes.

Sugarcane,the bagasse raw material, is a hi-temperature and hi-light crop. The annual accumulated temperature needs to be 5500 ℃ ~ 8500 ℃, the frost-free period is more than 330d, the average annual air humidity is 60%, the annual precipitation is 800 ~ 1200mm, and the sunshine hours are above 1195 hours.

Sugarcane,the bagasse raw material, has a wide adaptability to soil, with clay loam, loam, and sandy loam being better. The soil pH is 4.5 ~ 8.0, and sugarcane can grow, but the soil pH is 6.5 ~ 7.5.


What Kind Of Sugarcane Bagasse Properties?

What is bagasse? Bagasse is wet garbage. Wet garbage, that is, perishable garbage, refers to biomass domestic waste such as food waste, leftovers and leftovers, expired foods, pits and seeds, flowers and plants, and traditional Chinese medicine residues. In the placement of wet garbage, pure liquid food garbage, such as milk, should be poured directly into the drain; packaged wet garbage should be removed after being packaged and sorted. Please put the packaging in the corresponding recyclables or dry garbage container.

Sugarcane bagasse properties is rough and hard, accounting for about 24% to 27% of sugarcane (including about 50% water content). For every ton of sucrose produced, 2 to 3 tons of bagasse will be produced. An approximate analysis of wet bagasse composition shows that bagasse is rich in cellulose and contains less lignin, so bagasse has great advantages as a fiber raw material. Bagasse fiber has a length of about 0.65 to 2.17 mm and a width of 21 to 28 μm. Although its fiber form is not comparable to wood and bamboo, it is slightly better than rice and wheat straw fibers.

According to the sugarcane bagasse properties, bagasse was previously a waste, but in fact, if bagasse is used, it still has a good use.

So What Is Bagasse Used For ?

Because of the sugarcane bagasse properties, it can be used for many things, like produce fuel alcohol, feed to the animal, use as an environmentally friendly material ect.

Bagasse used for producing fuel alcohol

In the 1970s, the sugarcane bagasse of China's sugar factories was mainly used for burning or discarding the sugar factories themselves. The economic value of this utilization method was very low. Cellulose in the bagasse composition can be converted into sugar and made into alcohol or feed yeast. Brazil's technology for producing alcohol from bagasse developed in the 1980s has taken the lead in the world, and has registered patents in many countries. The new technology can extract 100 liters of alcohol from each ton of sugarcane bagasse composition, which can reduce the alcohol production of sugar cane from 7740 It can be increased to 13,800 liters without doubling the sugarcane planting area to double the alcohol production (14.8 billion liters in 2003/2004) and reduce costs by 40%.

Bagasse used for feeding the animals

Over the years, many scholars at home and abroad have devoted themselves to the research and development of byproducts of sugar mills as feed, and have achieved certain results. For example, an animal husbandry research institute in the United States invented a method for processing bagasse composition after ammoniation treatment into high protein feed. The specific method is: mix bagasse with urea or amine compound (100: 2 aqueous solution), soak the bagasse completely, cook in a heating pot under a pressure of 14kg for 2 hours, and then cool it down to about 25 ℃ It is fermented in yeast. After fermentation, the gas produced by it is exhausted, and sugarcane bagasse composition is dried and ground to a fine powder, which can be used as feed.

Animal medical preventive use

A polyphenolic substance extracted from bagasse composition used by Japan's Shin Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. This substance can prevent chickens and eggs from becoming infected with coccidia and salmonella, thereby reducing chicken mortality and improving chicken and egg safety Sex and hygiene standards. This polyphenol is inexpensive and has been approved as a preventative feed additive. In 2004, 20 houses using bagasse as raw materials were built in Cuba, and more such bagasse raw material houses are expected to be built in the future. This building board is made from a mixture of bagasse and adhesive. Gonzalez is optimistic about the use of this technology in Cuba.

Bagasse as an environmentally friendly material

1. Papermaking: Currently, there are mature technologies that use sugarcane bagasse composition as a substitute for wood to produce paper cup base paper, fully degradable paper agricultural mulch film, and paper catering utensils. Among them, the fully degradable paper agricultural mulch uses 100% bagasse pulp, which can be recycled for papermaking and can be naturally degraded. It can solve the white pollution problem caused by the use of polystyrene tableware for many years. It is considered to be the most promising new achievements. Catering made from bagasse composition has high whiteness and compactness, good temperature and oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be completely degraded within three months, no waste pollution during production, and the production cost is greatly lower For pulp molded fast food boxes, such as in Shuangfei Green Tableware Factory in Mashan County, Guangxi, this kind of green tableware with bagasse raw materials has appeared, creating excellent conditions for the development of the emerging environmental protection industry.

2. Production of high-density composite materials The chemical composition of bagasse is similar to that of wood and is a good raw material for board making. Use bagasse resources to produce high-density composite materials. Because of the sugarcane bagasse properties, it has a small specific gravity, good fiber quality, and the resulting board has high strength and light weight, the produced boards and profiles are free from biological damage, low water absorption, and not corroded by seawater; good fire resistance and good resistance flammability, good mechanical processing performance and decorative performance, suitable for furniture, construction, carriages, ships, packaging boxes and other manufacturing industries. The bagasse raw material product has strong plasticity. It can replace different molds or templates to directly produce a variety of plates and profiles, which has great market value. The realization of high-density composite material technology not only solves the problem of pollution discharge of agricultural waste and urban waste, but also saves limited forestry resources, which will definitely have a huge impact on China's 21st century environmental protection industry.

Bagasse Used By Greenweimo

Greenweimo uses bagasse as an environmentally friendly material. It uses bagasse raw material to produce biodegradable products. The product has 100% total degradation, toughness, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, non-toxicity, and tastelessness. The products produced by our company comply with international sanitary standards and environmental protection standards, and have passed BRC, FDA, BPI, SGS, OK-compost certification. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries and regions.

Our company not only has self-developed products, but also can customize exclusive products according to customer requirements to meet different market needs of customers. Our company adopts advanced ERP management system, which can be traced from order to shipment to ensure the provision of quality products and service.

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