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What Is Bagasse Used For


What is Bagasse Used for ? There are several high value applications of sugarcane bagasse. It is one of the important by-products of sugar plants and an important renewable resource. This article mainly reviews several new ways of high-value utilization of bagasse and proposes the development direction of high-value utilization of sugarcane bagasse.

What Is Sugarcane Bagasse ?

Bagasse is the main by-product of the sugar industry. It is the main part of sugarcane after mechanical extraction and extraction. In 2010/11, the sugar production during the 2010/11 season was 10.5042 million tons, of which about 91.71% reached 9.587 million tons. 1 t sugar yields about 1 t bagasse, and in 2011 China produced about 9.587 million t bagasse. The content of cellulose in sugarcane bagasse components is 32% to 48%, hemicellulose 19% to 24%, lignin 23% to 32%, and ash content is about 4%.

In order to increase the comprehensive utilization value of the sugar industry, the comprehensive utilization of sugarcane bagasse is also widely carried out. So what is Bagasse Used for? Bagasse is widely used as composite boards, biological culture media, and papermaking. More and more attention.

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What Is Bagasse Used For ?

The comprehensive utilization of bagasse has been integrated into the comprehensive utilization project of sugar factories, and some unique utilization modes have been formed. Such as expensive sugar model: after sugarcane is made sugar, bagasse is used for papermaking, bagasse waste heat is used for power generation, sugarcane bagasse residue water is used to extract alcohol, and alcohol waste liquid is concentrated and dried to become the main raw material of organic fertilizer; Some company uses sugarcane-sugar-bagasse pulping and paper-making-molasses fermentation to produce monosodium glutamate, alcohol and ethanol-waste liquid waste residue to produce organic bio-fertilizer recycling industry chain mode. With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more bagasse utilization methods will gradually show a higher comprehensive value and further development and exploration space, so that its potential advantages can be fully utilized, so as to adapt to the development of economy. To this end, the author summarizes several new ways of high value utilization of sugarcane bagasse in combination with the current development direction of the biorefining industry.

First, bagasse is used in the preparation of xylose, xylitol, furfural and furochloric acid

According to the literature, bagasse xylan is mainly composed of D-xylose, and sugarcane bagasse can be used as one of the high-quality raw materials for preparing xylooligosaccharides. Production of xylose and other related products using sugarcane hemicellulose-cane pulp as raw materials: cane pulp can be made into xylose after hydrolysis, purification, concentration, crystallization, separation and other processes; it can also be produced using enzyme technologies such as cellulolytic enzymes and biotechnology Xylitol solves the problems of high equipment and operating costs and difficult product purification in the chemical production method. The xylitol obtained by this method can be used safely in foods and functional products such as sugar substitute foods.

Second, bagasse is used in the preparation of activated carbon

Activated carbon is a powdery or granular black solid. It is a kind of carbon with strong adsorption produced from carbonaceous materials after carbonization and activation processes. Industries, food processing, hydrometallurgy, pharmaceutical refining, military chemical protection and other fields are essential products for the national economy and national defense construction and people's daily life.

The chemical composition of sugarcane bagasse is very similar to that of wood. As a raw material of granular activated carbon, its advantages are inexhaustible and inexhaustible renewable resources, with concentrated sources, large yields and low prices.

Third, bagasse is used in the production of health foods, medicines and slow-release agents

Bagasse contains a large amount of dietary fiber components, which can be processed into satiety products. Zhang Zhiping studied the effect of astragalus and bagasse dietary fiber biscuits on glycemic index. Astragalus and sugarcane bagasse dietary fiber biscuits had a glycemic index value GI = 70.303, which was lower than that of steamed bread with the same energy (GI = 97.879). Has a good effect of lowering blood sugar, smooth blood sugar.

In addition, the drug sustained-release agent made from sugarcane bagasse has also received the attention of the scientific community this year. Studies have shown that the prepared sustained-release materials have good performance in terms of drug loading and sustained-release performance, and have expanded the scope of sugarcane bagasse bioavailability.

Fourth, bagasse is used in the production of biomaterials

As a high-quality biological raw material, sugarcane bagasse is widely used in research and application of degradable materials and wood-plastic products. Such as our degradable tableware products, not only pollution-free, but also beautiful.

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What Else Can Bagasse Be Used For ?

Sugarcane bagasse has many other effects and has also played a role in the recent period of the Coronavirus.

In this Coronavirus period, we have provide them to our doctors and nurses who is treating the infected person, those tableware have protected our doctors to ensure that doctors and nurses eat independently and avoid cross-infection, and after the tableware is used, it can be naturally degraded into organic fertilizer without any treatment.

The bagasse products, like sugarcane biodegradable plates, sugarcane bowls, sugarcane cups, sugarcane trays, sugarcane clamshells, they are all disposable, degradable and compostable environmentally-friendly. The main raw materials are made of plants such as sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw, etc., which can perfectly replace disposable plastic and foamed lunch boxes. After the lunch box is used, it can be naturally degraded into organic fertilizer without any treatment.

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