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What Is Biodegradable Clamshell?

The degradable flip-top lunch box is made of sugarcane bagasse as raw material, which is made into disposable environmental biodegradable dinnerware, which saves a lot of oil and forest resources. Frozen, refrigerated, fresh food, microwave

heating, etc.

Biodegradable ClamshellBiodegradable Clamshell

Main Raw Materials For Biodegradable Clamshell Containers 

Using high-quality sugarcane pulp as raw material to make ecologically biodegradable sugarcane packaging, degradable and degradable fertilizers in the natural environment, the degraded fertilizers increase the nutrients of the soil, cultivate high-quality sugarcane, and form an ecological cycle, originating from nature and ultimately back to nature.

Materials For Biodegradable Clamshell ContainersBiodegradable Clamshell Containers

Advantages Of Sugarcane Clamshell Food Container 

(1) The raw material of sugarcane food box is bagasse plant fiber, and no wood is used at all.

(2) No waste water is produced in the production process, and there is no external discharge.

(3) The sugarcane clamshell food container product is waterproof and oil-proof.

(4) During use, sugarcane clamshell food container can be frozen and refrigerated at -18°, heated by microwave oven, and baked at 220 degrees.

(5) The bagasse clamshell containers can be completely degraded within 45-90 days in the natural state, and can be composted at home. After degradation, the main component is organic matter, which will not produce any garbage residue and pollution.

(6) The bagasse boxes are non-toxic and harmless, safe and secure

 What Are The By-products Of Sugarcane?

The by-products of sugarcane are mainly sugarcane bagasse after sugar extraction, which is prepared into a slurry of a certain concentration through processes such as hydro-pulping and high-temperature disinfection.

By-products Of Sugarcane