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5. What is the advantage of bagasse and wheat straw cutlery?


1. Sustainable

Sustainable means supporting and maintaining long-term ecological balance and not being harmful to our environment nor deplete natural resources.

  • Made from natural waste materials

  • Zero-waste production methods

  • Water conservation

  • Less negative environmental impact than paper pulp and styrofoam tableware.

  • Compostable

2. Convenient

All of our products have compact and lightweight packaging making them easy to handle and transport. We have extensive product lines ranging in size from small to large in various shapes and designs.

  • Functional and sturdy

  • Lightweight

  • Microwave safe

  • Freezer safe

  • Steam oven safe

  • Liquid resistant 

3. Save Money

When you have a party, you used to have 2 options to choose tableware- traditional porcelain rentals,low-quality plastic disposable. Renting tableware will use a lot of money on washing, logistics, transportation, labor and energy. Plastic one will do harm to earth and you need handle tableware with food separately. Today you have the option of replacing both with premium disposable tableware within the same budget, and our products are easy to handle.

  • Save manpower, time and energy

  • No washing

  • Easy to handle

  • Cut down on transportation costs

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