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Why Plastic Cosmetic Packaging So Popular

by:Greenweimo     2020-05-02
Today in the cosmetic industry, different materials are used for packaging both regular and organic cosmetic products. These include primarily paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, bamboo, and wood. Though these materials score points over each other, plastic is one such material that enjoys wider acceptance among cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic packaging manufacturers, and customers alike. It remains to be the most popular and most widely used packaging material in the cosmetics industry. Let us explore the role of plastic in cosmetic packaging industry and delve into the reasons behind its growing popularity among cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic packaging manufacturers, and mainly customers. Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Plastic The growing popularity of plastic in cosmetic packaging industry can be attributed to the following aspects: Affordability Even though the rise in price of its raw materials has made it a bit more expensive than it was decades ago, but still compared to other packaging materials plastic is very affordable. However, experiments are going on to find cheaper yet better alternatives to petroleum-based plastics. One such alternative is plant-based plastics, which seem promising. Color Versatility The kind of color versatility that plastic provides, not any material is able to provide. Plastic containers in attractive colors can be seen adorning the shop shelves. Durability Plastic is tough, strong, and long lasting. It does not rust or decay by natural means. Moreover, it shows great resistance to the effects of salts, sugars, and acids. Lightweight Plastic is light in weight unlike glass, making it easily portable. Flexibility Most plastic is flexible enough to handle stress and strikes. It does not break even if it is bent or compressed. Versatile Sealing Allowing various sealing methods is another important attribute of plastic. This lets manufacturers to select sealing methods depending on the type of package as well as product. Environment Friendly Plastic is now no longer a non-degradable material. The growing concern towards environmental degradation has resulted in the development of recycled, recyclable, and eco-friendly plastic. Water Resistant Plastic is impervious to water and hence minor water spills do not spoil the product. Shatter Resistant Unlike glass, plastic is shatter resistant. This makes it an easy to use and manageable material. Tear Resistant Since plastic does not rip easily, it protects products from leaking or opening in adverse conditions. Versatility in Packaging With plastic, different types of packaging such as straight wrapping, shrink-wrapping, skin packaging, blister packs and so on can be done. Easy Transportation and Storage Plastic is water resistant, tear resistant, shatter resistant, durable, lightweight, and flexible. Therefore, even if the packaging is in the form of foamer pump or airless pump it can be transported and stored very easily.
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