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Why Produce Sugarcane Clamshell Food Container


Sugarcane clamshell food containers have become the trend of the times, disposable fast-food clamshell have changed from foam lunch clamshell to environmentally-friendly sugarcane lunch clamshell. The original foam lunch clamshell were eliminated because they were not resistant to high temperatures and caused damage to the environment during the production process. And this is not the case with sugarcane clamshell food containers. Plastic lunch clamshell, paper lunch clamshell, wooden lunch clamshell, and degradable lunch clamshell were waiting for them. and many more. Among them, plastic has the characteristics of low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, simple production, and relatively low cost, and thus has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable snack clamshell food container.

Hidden Dangers In Foam Lunch Boxes

People generally start using sugarcane clamshell food containers because of the hidden dangers in foam lunch boxes.

From the initial foaming type to the degradable type, the disposable foaming lunch box has been widely used. Office workers and students are the main group of people who use disposable lunch boxes. The reporter learned that most people know that from a health and environmental point of view, sugarcane clamshell food containers are the best choice, while disposable lunch boxes have always been controversial.

Not all disposable lunch boxes on the market today meet national standards, and long-term use of unqualified lunch boxes will have adverse effects on the body. Forming the habit of using sugarcane clamshell food containers has become a top priority. In May 2001, Order No. 130 "Notice on Stopping the Use of Disposable Foamed Meal Boxes in the Catering Industry" was issued, and this white pollution source was finally blocked. However, in fact, foamed lunch boxes are still common in the catering market. Some small merchants greet their low prices and still sell or use them after purchase. Will people choose not to buy because they don’t use sugarcane clamshell food containers ? The reporter interviewed Xiao Liu, a school student. She said that she usually buys box lunches, fried noodles, and fried rice on the street at noon. Most of them use foamed lunch boxes. Although she knows that foamed lunch boxes are not good, she will not decide whether to buy it because of the lunch box. It can be seen that foamed lunch boxes cannot be called the old times. We urgently need to promote the use of sugarcane clamshell food containers.

Associate Professor Guo Yuhua said that disposable foam plastic lunch boxes are also called disposable foam polystyrene snack boxes. Among them, polystyrene is used as a raw material. If the free monomer styrene in the product is released by heat and enters the body with food, it will cause certain harm to the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver, and even cause cancer. Therefore, it will increase the risk of disease if used for a long time.This shows how important it is to use the sugarcane clamshell food containers.

Including Sugarcane Clamshell Food Containers, Disposable Lunch Clamshell Are Mainly Of The Following Types:

First, plastic type

Disposable lunch clamshell made of plastic are mainly PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene, both of which are non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, and PP is soft. Generally, the temperature of PP is -6 degrees to +120 degrees, so special suitable for hot dishes and hot dishes. It can be heated in a microwave oven or even steamed in a steam cabinet. The use temperature of modified PP can be controlled from -18 degrees to +110 degrees. The lunch clamshell made of this PP can be heated in addition to It can be stored in the refrigerator for use outside 100 degrees.

PS is hard and transparent, but it is easy to tear. PS starts to soften when it is used at a temperature of 75 degrees, so it is not suitable for hot dishes and hot dishes. However, PS has low temperature performance and is the best packaging material for ice cream.

In order to reduce costs, some lunch clamshell factories use PP as the clamshell and PS as the lid. The advantage is that the lid is transparent and the PS is hard. It can be made of thinner sheets to reduce costs. However, consumers of this design must understand two materials. Make sure that you do not put the whole clamshell of rice in a microwave oven with the lid on.

Second, degradable plastic lunch box

The raw material for the manufacture of this kind of lunch box is degradable plastic. The so-called degradable plastic is to add a certain amount of additives such as photosensitizer, starch and other raw materials during the production of plastic. In this way, the degradable plastic products are used up and discarded After three months of exposure in nature, it can be broken into fragments from the complete shape, which improves the environment same as the sugarcane clamshell food containers.

Third, cardboard type

The cardboard snack box is made of 300-350 grams of bleached sulfate wood pulp cardboard as a raw material, and is subjected to die-cutting bonding, die-cutting pressing, and shaping through a stamping process similar to sheet metal processing. In order to prevent it from seeping oil or water, it is necessary to coat the surface or apply chemical additives. It is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body during production and use, just same like sugarcane clamshell food containers. However, the requirements for the quality of cardboard are higher, and the cost has increased.

Fourth, starchy type

Starch-based edible snack box, as the name suggests, is based on starch plants, added dietary fiber and other edible additives and kneaded. It uses biological compounding, glycan cross-linking, calcium Refined by ion chelation and other technologies, the use temperature is -10 degrees to +120 degrees, so it is especially suitable for hot dishes and hot dishes. It can be heated in a microwave oven and can be put in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

Fifth, plant fiber type

In terms of environmental protection advantages, plant fiber lunch boxes have obvious advantages. It uses plant fibers extracted from straw, rice husks, bagasse, etc. as raw materials, and adds additives such as molding agents, binders, and water-resistant agents to the molding machine. After drying, shaping, disinfection and other post-processing. These agricultural wastes can become industrial raw materials, which is helpful to the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.

Plant fiber type clamshell have no pollution to the environment can completely replace the foam lunch box, Greenweimo sugarcane clamshell food containers is made by bagasse fiber.

Why To Use Sugarcane Clamshell Food Container

The environmentally-friendly lunch box is convenient, safe and pollution-free, it is the first choice to replace disposable foamed lunch boxes.

Greenweimo sugarcane clamshell food containers using natural sugar cane pulp as raw material, after scientific and technological treatment, food-grade waterproof and oil-repellent agents are applied, so that pulp molded environmentally-friendly tableware products have the following excellent characteristics:

1. Environmental protection and sanitation, non-toxic and harmless, good for health.

2. Resistant to hot oil at 120 ℃ and hot water at 100 ℃ without deformation or leakage.

3. Suitable for microwave oven baking, refrigerator freezing preservation, high temperature cooking.

4. It has recycling value, recycled papermaking, recycling and protection of resources.

5. After the mutation, it will be naturally degraded into organic fertilizer, reduced to carbon dioxide and water, and returned to nature.

6. After spraying and coating the product, it can improve its barrier air permeability, help it not sticky rice, and the product is not easy to soften when refrigerated.

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