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Why You Should Compost

by:Greenweimo     2020-04-24
Everywhere we look these days we're bombarded with people telling us to recycle and go green. 'Buy organic!' they say. 'Compost your trash!' is demanded. Plenty of people are doing it from movie stars to crazy hippies. Movie stars do it because it's a fad. Hippies do it because they want to please Mother Earth. They have their reasons, but what about us normal folk? Many may find themselves asking Why compost? To that question I can only reply Why not compost? First of all, what is compost? Compost is really nothing more than decomposed plant and animal materials that are decomposed through aerobic decomposition and turned into a very rich dark soil. This rich soil cannot be beat and is great for many uses, including use as a soil conditioner and fertilizer. Compost soil is 100% organic. Composting has many benefits, the chief one of course being that it is helpful to the environment. When we compost our trash, such as coffee grinds, egg shells, and fruit rinds, they decompose and actually go back into the soil, helping to make it more nutrient-rich and healthy for future planting. This process also helps eliminate the amounts of compostable waste getting sent to landfills, where it would likely just sit for much longer than is acceptable. When compostable products break down, they release rich nutrients into the soil. In a composting facility, these products break down in several months. In order to break down properly, compostable products must go to a composting facility or a home composter, although home composting takes longer and is more work than taking trash to composting facilities. Compostable products should NOT be placed in recycling bins, as they will taint the recycling process. More compostable products are on the market now than ever, including disposable tableware and cutlery. Many of these products are made out of bagasse (refined sugarcane fiber) and PLA (polylactic acid), which are both completely compostable. And finally, composting does not involve much effort. If you plan to compost at home, the hardest part is the initial startup (either buying and setting up a composter or making a compost pile) and if you plan to take your trash to a compost facility, everything is taken care of for you! Composting has never been easier, and although it might require a little more work than traditional trash, it's your earth, and its worth it! So again I ask you, Why not compost?
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