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Zero Waste With Biodegradable Tableware

by:Greenweimo     2020-06-04
What is the big deal? The disposable tableware used today can be categorized into three major groupings. There are the paper disposable products made from tree pulp. The issue with tree pulp products are the length of time it takes to grow the replacement trees. There are foam disposable products made from petroleum products. Needless to say, petroleum is a product that is not renewable and we depend a great deal on the imports of petroleum. The final major grouping would be the biodegradable or renewable resource tableware products made from the organic substances like sugarcane, corn, bamboo, or other plants that can be replenished within one year to eighteen months. But what does biodegradable mean? Biodegradable means an organic substance is broken down by the assistance of other living organisms like bacteria and microbes. In other words the plant based renewable product is composted into 'earth ready' dirt. The result is zero waste. Biodegradable tableware is perfect for every event planner that wants to be zero waste. The biodegradable tableware is ideal for events from casual picnics to eco friendly weddings. These biodegradable products meets high standards of quality, durability and beauty. Yes, the unit item of the biodegradable product is more expensive than the foam or the paper, but in looking at the life cycle costs associated with an item that may never decompose, that is dependent on foreign oil, or depends on the new growth of a tree; the total cost would be less for a biodegradable product. The waste management facilities are near capacity. When a biodegradable tableware product enters a landfill, the item is composted within 50 to 100 days. The environment is cleaner and free of toxins. The cost to maintain a landfill is costly especially when new locations are required. Not only are the new locations usually further from the waste pick up points, but require a more remote location because land fills are not desired within a residential area. Therefore, each new landfill may create a larger carbon footprint because of the increase in gas to transport the waste to the more remote location and the carbon emissions from the trucks. And what about litter? The goods news is a biodegradable products that makes it way into a waterway or roadway will eventually decompose, where as the foam or plastic products will stay as litter until someone picks it up. So, what is the big deal? The environment needs our help to stay clean from foam and paper tableware products. Some cities are starting to ban the use of foam containers but are meeting with resistance. Anyone with the ability to make a decision within their municipality or business can help make a difference. Going green is easier now with the biodegradable tableware.
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